Establish a running base

11 March 2017


8 miles down.

Since deciding to run another marathon a few weeks after Charlotte was born (that was the time of the decision, not the time of the race...), I oscillated behind my choice, keeping a noncommittal foot out the door, wondering at what point I should pull out my race entry.  I mean, one Saturday, I set out on my run, and once reaching the trailhead - I took a few steps up the mountain path, no no can't do this, turn around and head back, YES - I can do this!, turn around and run a few steps, no there's no way - windy, cold, turn around and come back, just try - give it a shot, turn around.  And so on.  I truly ran back and forth in a 10 foot distance over and over again.  So many times, that I'm sure any onlookers were thinking that this was how I worked out.  That maybe I grew up at a severely underfunded school where our gym was a closet, and that's where we did our laps.  But I finally just told myself that I would run a few blocks through my neighborhood just for funsies, and then I could come home.  Well, I ended up running my full distance that day.  Probably anyone could do anything if they believed the motivating line of "it's just for funsies!"  Go play patti cake with that wild orangutan - just for funsies. OKAY!

Anyway, Ryan kept telling me that once we establish a base of running that this will get a whole lot easier.  And I put a lot of trust in that.  Because this is my first race that I am starting from ground zero on training.  Pregnancy, baby birth... yeah.  Also, Ryan has a lot of street cred when it comes to running advice, because he is a state champion in track.  Like, super legit.  One of my favorite stories of his is a championship relay race, where he ran with 3 other dudes on a team, and he was the last runner, and the 3 teammates allowed a widening gap between the opponents, and Ryan took the baton, and closed the whole gap, and won the freaking race.  So, yeah, this guy knows a thing or two about running.

So as hard as it has been to just get out the door and give it shot - I kept his words in mind that I just needed to push through the beginning and get a running base.

And today I ran 8 miles, and it felt GOOD!

I came home and told Ryan that 8 miles is a significant mile marker in my past marathons.  8 miles is the first mark of pain.  You run breezefully to that point, and that's the mile marker when the game starts getting mental.

I told him my 8 miles today wasn't a breeze, but at least I ran what I consider is the base distance of a marathon.  I got a base of something going now!

Alright, I'm doing this.

Upward and onward,