Friday Link Pack

24 March 2017

I'm going to post some fun links from around the internet more often.  Because I've been collecting articles and pictures I've loved in a folder on my web browser, and they are getting digitally dusty.  So I'll post them here over time and share them with all of yooooouu!  :)   And keep emailing me your good finds too!  I love seeing what you are reading, listening to, and liking.

Cutest gif ever.  (Based off the live news video when a professor was interrupted by his little family).

I'm all about phone boundaries.  (do you agree with the slot machines and social medial creating the same ludic loop?  Interesting, huh?)

I could use one of these - Bouncer for my brain.

**Curiosity vs. passion.  Elizabeth Gilbert could drop a mic after everything she writes. 

An "almost" sleepover party invitation.  This is my kind of party!

Have a great SUNNY weekend!

Upward and onward,

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