I Believe You

30 March 2017


Lately, I've been saying a phrase that has quickly revealed to me its power.  Perhaps this phrase has had the most powerful effects of anything I've spoke before:

I believe you.

It's so validating, connecting, and unifying.  I've used it in my marriage and my work; I've even said it in my mind after reading an article online.  Even if I fall on a completely different line of thinking and principle.  But I still walk away every time feeling peace and even love.

Even if we don't stand on the same political line, the same religious beliefs, or we don't understand someone's emotions, choices, or experiences, it ain't no matter, because we can still agree that someone's reality is in fact their true reality.  And that's sooo nice for people to feel that space honored for them.

I believe them.

I believe YOU.

Upward and onward,

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