Double the Rolls, Double the Fun

26 April 2017

Well, this week, some new things have been happening.

Like, realizing for the first time how inconvenient it is to have an itch in the middle of boxing class when you are strapped into huge boxing gloves.  And worse, getting an itch on the unreachable part of one's back.  Luckily, I was near the back so I could freely perform somewhat of a circus act as I unsuccessfully clawed at my back and then settled for shimmying against the wall.

But mostly this week, I have been taking care of TWO babies.

 It has been such a sweet week - full of fuzzy blankets and kicking feet and big grins.

Charlotte and I's new friend is named Janie.  Ready for a puzzle?  Janie is the daughter of Ryan's former roommate, whose wife was unexpectedly called back into work and felt a prompting to contact me to care for Janie, even though we have only met once at Ryan and I's wedding reception, coupled with some interactions over social media, but she felt strongly inclined towards me when thinking of someone she could trust with her daughter.

So I have been having a great time snuggling the babies into their naps, holding two warm babies and bottles at once, and listening to some nice classical music.  And I've been grateful to get to know Karla better in the mornings and Trevor in the afternoons when they drop Janie off and pick her up.

One morning, I was on the floor playing with both the babies, and I stood up to grab my phone off the couch behind them.  I turned around and saw this:

Hahahaha!  Their two little sets of eyes. <3  Both craning their necks to still see me. <3 I have a fan club.  Haha, this was seriously one of my favorite moments ever.  So cute!

Upward and onward,


  1. They are so sweet! And Charlotte looks so big in comparison!