Little spaces and places

01 May 2017

Bath time for Miss Char!  Right after we shared my green smoothie breakfast :)  

(haha, this girl!!!)

Charlotte loves her little bath and splashing all around.  Meanwhile, I kneel beside her on the soft rug, while we listen to Amos Lee in the ambiant bathroom lighting.  Love these little moments. 

"Mom! I'm bathing!" 

Besides hanging out on the bathroom floor, these are some other scenes where Charlotte and I hang out.

Charlotte's library with some toys down below.  We read and rattle and eat the books.  (she does).

I love this little space!  I feel so much joy every time I open the door.

Charlotte's rocking chair.  With the most incredible fox quilt that my friend Emily sewed for her. 


And Ryan and I's favorite lately, the teething tablets pedastool!


All the little spaces and little places with Miss Char.

Upward and onward,

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