Days of May

04 June 2017

 I came home from boxing class one day and found this cute sight!

Well, May was a weird month.

I lost myself in a mental rabbit hole.  Satan knows how to get you sometimes.

Though, many good things still happened:

Boxing, always the best.

Leslie drove up for a visit with her son Matthew!

My cousin Lisa came to town.

We drove home to visit my family for a weekend.  - post here

The next weekend they drove down to stay with us.  - post here

Ryan and I attended a lovely sealing session at the temple with some couples in our ward.

I cut my hair! 

I frequented a neighborhood mom's fitness group.

In which, in my 2nd class, okay this is not counted among the good things, I fell off a stepping platform and sprained my ankle.  The pain set in that evening, and I had to crawl around my house on my hands and knees. I couldn't find one single scrap of aspirin in our house.  Oh, and Ryan was out of town.  It was real humbling.

The next class I went to was Zumba.  And that made up for everything.

I started a new blog to focus on and share my meditation.  It's been a saving grace in many ways.  I'll get ya'll a link over there soon enough.

And lastly, one day I babysat 3 babies at once.  I may be a baby whisperer, because it went really well.  Though, I did change 4 poopy diapers, and none of them were from my child.

Before the hair chop:

After the hair chop. 
My shower drain is rejoicing.

And how was your month?

Upward and onward, 


  1. I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! And your hair looks wonderful, and Charlotte is beautiful, and Ryan is such a solid guy, and... I feel like I thought of specific things to ask/comment on as I read through your 3 most recent blog posts but it's late and my mind is becoming mush so I can't remember, but I think it narrows down to: I love you. I'm glad we're friends. Let's see each other soon!

  2. April showers brings May flowers, which brings June bugs. :) Okay, so that doesn't apply in this situation. But we are going to make June awesome :)