FHE for the win

21 June 2017

For Family Home Evening on Monday, Charlotte called out the window to Ryan and said:


"Hey Dad!  Let's go to Jamba Juice."

Those were her first words.

So we had a little spiritual lesson.  And from there, we'll work this story backwards with some pictures:

Why is Charlotte half naked?  You may be wondering.  (At least that's what I wanted you to notice from those photos).

Answer:  Because I did not foresee the ramification of my choices at lunch time when I fed her a whole container of prunes.  She liked them, and I liked that she liked them, so I let her eat all of them.  And then, several hours later, when we ventured out for our sweet pre-dinner treats, Charlotte somehow achieved the most inverted diaper explosion we've seen yet.  More on the outside than on the inside.   So we stripped her down and cleaned her up and dressed her with what we had - one pair of pink polka-dot pants.

Boy, does our baby look cute wearing only those.

Then, our FHE proceeded with Charlotte going home to bed, and Ryan grilling up a tray full of chicken legs.  And we got to end our night licking our salty, greasy fingers.

It was a glamours night for everyone.

Upward and onward,

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