The light of alignment

13 June 2017

Everyone, thank you! Thank you! 

I am feeling leaps and bounds better.  Even just in the process of writing my last post, I could feel such a huge release.  And in studying my scriptures; talking with Ryan, Nora, and a few of you; and getting a blessing, I'm steadily getting through this.  Thanks for reaching out to me.  

I always land in the same place, reaching the same conclusions I always do.  This place contains such truth, clarity, and a sense of awakening.  I feel a greater capacity within me.

Here's what I believe about all that.  Decisions we make either add light and vision to our life, or they subtract those things from us.  We choose transparency and a clear mind alongside the Spirit, or we choose the bendings and falsehoods of the devil, as innocuous as they seem in the moment.  But stepping down that path muddles one's mind to a degree; it dims the soul.  And to add light to one's way again, one can either break the facade and step back out.  Or, rationalizations, excuses, defenses, and strange circumventions of thought must be propped up.  Like rickety scaffolding with flickering latterns hung around.  And how limiting to one's vision is this artificial light?  How oddly does this cause one to think?  Especially if there is an addiction involved.  So trying to get inside that type of thinking is completely insane.  It will not make sense because it cannot make sense.

There is this book called  How Could You Do That?!: The Abdication of Character, Courage, and Conscience by Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Have you read it?  It's phenomenal at making sense of all this.  If you have been severely affected by another's choices, asking endlessly:  why did they do that?  why do they keep doing that?  why is everything so convoluted and confusing, hidden and nonsensical, conflicting and so dang hurtful?  ultimately, why is there such a disconnect?

Answer:  because there is a disconnect.

I have been feeling such an abundance of friendship and love.  I can't believe I get to have the people in my life that I do, and even meet new people through this blog!  Funnily enough, one of my favorite things about all you people is that I find your thoughts and dealings so clear and aligned. 

Upward and onward,

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  1. So glad you are feeling better :) You are so resilient, so strong, and so inspiring.

  2. I love you and am so grateful we got to chat yesterday! I LOVE our time together, and always leave feeling uplifted. Thank you for always loving and supporting me in my own sad days, and so gently offering a hand up each time. You are a special woman, Chantel!

    ^ and that husband of yours is awesome! And amen to everything he said too! :)