Yard Work & Soccer Games

04 June 2017

All of my siblings came down this last weekend because the US Men's Soccer Team was playing in Salt Lake City.  Ryan and I were scheduled to go camping this weekend, but we altered our plans last minute to stay home.  I'm SO grateful we did.

My siblings arrived on Friday evening.  Ryan, Charlotte, and I were just returning from a walk through the neighborhood.  Whereupon, we found that a bird had pooped on Charlotte's head during the walk. We laughed about that for awhile, and then we all stayed up late talking, eating snacks, and watching a brilliant comedian I found on YouTube.

The next morning, I left for boxing, and I came home to this sight:

All my siblings were hard at work in the yard with Ryan.  It was so funny / AWESOME!  Ryan and I were planning on kicking out some major yard work projects, and my siblings cut that time down for us from a few days to a few hours.  I tended Charlotte inside, preparing homemade BBQ sauce and a nice dinner that evening.

After yard work, we all lined up for the showers, and then went out for lunch at In-N-Out.  Afterwards, Angie and Matt went to IKEA, while the rest of us went to Boondocks for mini golf and some arcarde games.  For one game, I tended Charlotte while Ryan and all my brothers battled it out shooting werewolves.  I told them the winner would be the one who could take the funniest photo for the screen above the outside waiting line.

Afterwards, we came home to a nice BBQ meal, and then we all set out for the soccer game!  We met up with several of our friends.  It was way fun!!

And now, the moment I've been waiting for!!!!!

I present to you our disheveled front yard.  And this is at one of its finer moments.  You should have seen it last fall when we had plants bursting from every inch of the space.  It was overgrown chaos.  Also, Ryan was building our fence when I snapped this photo.

And now, TA DA!!!  Oh it's so pretty.  We love it.   Ryan and my family did such a good job.

Upward and onward,


  1. Chris really likes the mulch!

  2. Our yard is coming together--slowly but surely!