Sweet Moments with Charlotte

09 July 2017


Below are sweet little moments with Charlotte that I jotted down.  So many!  I'm glad I got some written down.

- bouncing with Charlotte on the bed at my mom's house.  She was laughing hysterically and holding onto my knee for dear life .

- having her mimic me in the car by bouncing our fists off our mouths and making sounds.  i love that she is responding to what i do and copying me!

- playing with Charlotte on the floor, saying, "Let's put our heads together!"  And then she would put her forehead to mine and giggle, giggle, giggle.  Over and over!

- going for a walk with Charlotte and loving her hands suspended in the air as she looks around.  i love how babies hold their arms and hands in midair, like on the brink of curiosity.

- reading books to Char and noticing that she is starting to sit still and pay attention to where my finger is pointing, wanting to touch the picture with me.  SO exciting!

- having Charlotte lean back in my lap and lay against me for a long time.  i let her chew on the tv remote as an exchange for her snuggles.  since she never was a snuggly baby, these tiny little moments are so wonderful!

- And of course, Charlotte's big, wide, two-toothed grin that she loves to give so freely!

Man, Ryan and I sure love this little girl!  What a sweetheart.

Upward and onward,


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