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Why do I write?
Because this is my own little kingdom, and this is what it's like here for me to write here:
"You are kings and queens, I  tell them, and every day you establish your kingdom.
I hope it is a good and a peaceable one,
I hope it is a stronghold to you and a place of refuge for others.
I hope you reign long, and well. I hope you rule with a sense of wonder, an abiding joy, and the unyielding banner of kindness." 

What do I write about?

I am a finance guru who meditates, loves God, loves fitness and nutrition, and adores my husband and baby.  So those are the topics I write about, generally.
I like to be humorous and a bit of a storyteller. And often, I get really contemplative.  And coercing people into listening to my introspective journeys isn't nearly as effective as just posting them on the wide-open internet.
So for those reasons, I'm not certain why you're reading here.  But I hope it helps - helps with something.  As a matter of fact, if this blog ever cures you of anything, let me know.  But if this blog makes it worse, well, I don't want to know.  ;)  Kidding.

And why Take June? 
Because it's like "take two."  Which is a good thing to say to yourself when life doesn't go quite as planned.  And I would prefer not to take life too seriously.  There's no reason to be hard on myself for attempting to fold a freshly-cleaned fitted sheet and then settling for a sheet wad ball.  So I just wake up, hit refresh, and say, "Take Two," and life feels a lot easier that way.

Except... I feel like the phrase "Take Two" is reserved for the prophet Noah...  

Well, I absolutely love the start of summer!  The world in full cheery bloom.  A season of happy eagerness and energy stores being thawed out.  The feel of the sun - brightly raw and warm.

So, Take June it is.


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