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Always fond of a kind hello!  BE MY FRIEND!
If only I had 8,000 social media accounts for you to choose from to get ahold of me!  Instead, I'll provide you a nice little email address.  And I really like any sort of friendly message.  Tell me your story in three sentences or three pages.  And if it's three pages, use lots of emoticons.  And if it's three sentences, write one that will allow me to yell at my computer - "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID."  But other than those conditions, I'm not picky.  Except I really like pretty pictures and compliments and motivational quotes and Beyonce YouTube videos.  

No, but really, write whatever you want, and I will love it! 

Here are some starter questions:

What makes you feel alive?  
What gets under your skin? 
When were you most proud of yourself?



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