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   Hello you,

I'm Chantel.             

Thank you for being here and "meeting" me.  The truest statements I can offer you about me:

introspective   |  passionate    | adventurous      | loyal                 | playful
thinker            |  feeler            | doer                    | peacemaker      | treasure  hunter 

Every day, I dare myself to do something brave. 
I am a blue / yellow - passionate and playful.  

I begin every day with a meditation and a work-out.
I am a CPA and tax strategist by profession.
I like to travel.   
I've never had a cavity.  
I always have great book recommendations.  
I'm a minimalist.  
And a Mormon.  
I like to be organized and efficient.   
I love pretzel M&M's. 
Yet I really love healthy eating and fitness.    

And well-written and witty TV series.  
And fresh flowers.  
And Swedish interior design.  
And back scratches.  
And balloons and giraffes.  
[Deep inhale]  
Woooo, catch all that? 

Ah, yet below, there is mooore about me.  My tribe.  My hobbies.  My core beliefs:

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 “And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling.

This is my husband, Ryan.  As cliche as this is, marrying him was the best decision I ever made.  I don't think I could have ever found anyone else more suitable for me than he is.

Ryan loves to hunt, fish, go boating, and cook.  He's an excellent entrepreneur and has been starting businesses since he was 9!  He's always researching and learning new skills and projects to try.

And this is our daughter, Charlotte.  She is so sweet and such a talker.  We are very blessed to have her. 

I love nothing more than snuggling her and having her fold into me.  And I love watching Ryan with her, holding her tiny body with his big hands and talking softly to her.

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Hover over the images to see some of my hobbies and passions!

I hold a couple beliefs high above my head. 


I am religious by affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- a Mormon.  I believe in God and His specific GospelBut I am also spiritual, leaving my heart open to all other nooks of the world that inspire and uplift.  Power and light is everywhere.


I believe life is meant to be lived.  Richly, deeply, messy, silly, sadly, kindly.  We are humans having a human experience, and we must allow ourselves to feel every bit of it.  That means authenticity.  Our standard should be wholeness and acceptance. No blame, no shame, no judgment.

growth mindsets.  

I believe we should be solutions-focused, converting thought to action.  We should set our sights, bend our heads, and never stop until we find our way.  Excuses create defeat, and arrogance reflects a weak mind.  The most powerful energy is cultivated with a humble attitude and constant action.


I believe we need to always reduce interference.  Eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak.  We should simplify what we own, releasing old anchors and giving value and joy to what we have.  

May you find a connection for you here.  xoxo

Here, I always steer my path:

Upward and onward,


  1. I love this page! Such a great, concise explanation of who you are and why. I love everything about you! :)

  2. I love how you write and would like to be invited to your everyday blog posts. I relate incredibly to the post of your journey. I'm back on my raft and rebuilding it while wrapping my wounds from the wreckage. My email is