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My Favorites - written by smarties like you:

Equivalent Center of Self 
Remember to Cling
On Growing Up
What I Want Today

Letter to Rebirth 
Go forth and be messy 
Do You Worry Too Much? 
Forgiving and loving yourself 
Our Identity:  God's Girl

Gratitude Paintings video

Cool Ashes Can't Burn Us 
Being a yellow canary in a mine
Simple steps 
Love as a River

People Who Love Their Lives
The Afterlife 
Experience is Better than Things
An open mind and consecrated life
Because you were prepared
Obsessed with Mormon Housewives
Lessons Learned From Jane Eyre
Reading People Better
A New Way of Being 
The Kind of Summer

Every Woman Should Know
When You Buy Jeans
For the Feelers

Now and Then
Dreams and Dragons
Cereal and Cinderella
The Letter of the Law
When Love Feels Heavy
When You are Tightly Wound
When Love is Like a River
A Week of No Time-Outs
Pictures of roadtrip and babies
Dear Mom Friend 
Way for kids to apologize
Teaching children not to interrupt

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