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18 March 2014

Somehow I forgot to work for the second half of the day.

Also, how bout a useful holiday in March?  Like one day in the year where we can say whatever the heck we want, and no one will remember it tomorrow.

I'll start-

I value people who trust my judgment, knowing I am a well-thought out and deliberate person.  

And I value friends who play the real role of one.  

I praise those who keep their egos behind their hearts. 

I am in deep throws of admiration with my ward family right now.  A group so unified and safe.  Ward crushes never hurt and who cares that I'm a couple years above 14.


Now I close my mouth and work on.

Upward and onward,

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  1. Admittedly I've been checking your blog almost daily, hoping that you'd break your rule of no writing at least one more time before March is over. I got lucky today :) Also can I just say how much I love your comment about people trusting your judgement?? That is so GOOD. Not much bothers me more than people who don't trust my judgement, especially those I'm close to. Like I'm not an idiot? And if anyone should reserve the right for their judgement to be trusted, it's absolutely you! I feel you on that one. Also I'm so happy to hear about your ward family situation! That was always a huge blessing when that happened for me!