Conquering the gavel. With stretch pants.

22 April 2014


Well, the fact of the matter is...

If I ever end up in a courtroom, I couldn't deny that I'm the epitome of a completely unattached, big city working woman right now. 

All my meals are based off grab-n-go.  If I can't open it and eat it in 30 seconds, or microwave it for less than a minute and a half, because two minutes really pushes my patience, then no.  Which is silly because I love to cook.  But that's the most impossible thing when you are only one person. 

And all my truly committed romantic relationships over the last while have been with TV show characters, which I watch on the floor of my bedroom with my pants unbuttoned - if I'm ambitious enough to wear pants and not leggings from my wear-sleep-repeat model.  Right now I'm going steady with Ben, from Parks & Rec.  Real life men don't hold my attention.  And everyone close to me knows it.  If I find I still love my own head of hair more than him after a month, then I don't see much of a future.  A shallow, but permittable, metric.

Also, I answer work emails 24 hours a day.  And I even skipped dance practice tonight so I could keep working on this big project and hopefully impress someone with it.  Although I adore my Big Dream Job, and it really gets me going with my mini self-leadership devotionals every morning, I absolutely hate the bureaucracy of it all.  Which is the whole reason I'm writing this post.  Vent in disguise.  I am learning that I am quite protective and assertive when it comes to my job.  For that I'm proud.  But for the rest, well, we'll see how I stand up to the high towers tomorrow.  As for tonight, evening of grab-food, leggings-TV-marathon, and a scripted screen boyfriend.

Living this singledom life to the fullest.  Because someday I'm going to live with little people who will wipe their boogs on me.

Upward and onward,

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  1. Too bad Friday Night Lights isn't on.

  2. add a little ballet and this sounds exactly like my life... chipotle is my friend... :)

    love your posts as always. yep I'm still being a stalker... except it is ok since we met that one time right?

  3. This: "if I'm ambitious enough to wear pants and not leggings from my wear-sleep-repeat model." ......this is my entire life.