The ceiling can't hold us

19 May 2014

Watching Bachelorette with 5 guys, 4 girls, and one million bean bag chairs.  Steaks are on the grill outside and brownies in the oven.  This is all so right. 

"Oh, a naughty lawyer.  That’s cool." – J.D.

"She’s been…. not eating since the last season."  –Cade

I like Andi.  Smart girl.

Commercial-  “Who’s on the controller?? Rock and roll.  We’re into this, NO PAUSING!” –J.D.

Chad puffing out his chest -  ‘I’m a big entrepreneur-type.  And by that I mean, the gym.”

“Alright, here come the bros!  I’m going to pick out the 5 gay guys immediately.” –J.D.

 “Guys still wear earrings??” –Cade

“A beefed up version of Macklemore!” –J.D.

“He’s already friend-zoned.”  -Jordan

“Bragging about everything he can do right off the bat.” –Cade   “Uh, yeah this is 2 hours of peacocking.” –J.D.

“Sunshine!!” –J.D

One of the bachelors - “I can predict medical things about people right from the start.”
                You have eczema. – Carrie
                You have halitosis. – J.D.


Anal.  With an M.  No.

The guy pulls out a lamp?  “What’s his pick-up line going to be?” -Jordan
                “You light up my life like nobody else.” –CiCi

Awww Ron.  From Israel and Barbedos.  Yes please.  So far he’s the crowd favorite.

“Could that suit get any tighter?” –Chad

Camps.  Pretending to meet off the streets.  Ha, this is so weird.  If that encounter happened to me, no.

"Oooh look at his eyes." – Cici.  "Yeah they are beady and smooshed together." – Cade

"This is what happens when we come home too.  Act tough up-front, and then grab pillows and start squealing." – Chad

"She’s kinda got this whole Arabian thing going on." – Chad   "You mean… Mexican?" – Cade

Pants.  Cookies.  Golf.  Every season goes up and up.

No. More. Opera. Singing.

 “I think those two are going to start dating.” –J.D.  About the two guys really connecting on the couch

I like her.  I like that she turned down the extra guy to keep the trust with the other 25.

“BUT THE CEILING CAN’T HOLD US!!” –J.D.  The Macklemore guy.

“ ‘I speak another language’ - that one doesn’t work in Utah."- J.D.

When she’s handing out the roses, the camera pans the opera singer.  J.D. sings”MEEEE PLEEEEASE.”

Ahha!  Their pleading faces.  I would laugh uncontrollably if I were the bachelorette.  

“Sunshine just had a big swallow there.” –J.D.

NO!  Don’t keep Macklemore.

“She doesn’t like long hair.” –Cade “But she digs guys who are balding..” –J.D.

Cici can’t stop laughing – “This is all so weird.”

You know Juan Pablo is watching this saying, “Izz okay.”

Sunshine bores me.

“Is there something I could have done differently?” –Sunshine.  “Yeah, a ponytail.”-J.D.
 "This is going on your blog??? -J.D. "Wow you are so Mormon.  Ready to have 5 kids and blog about what they eat and poop all at the same time."  Ha!

And then we finished by playing endless rounds of Scum.  "One more round!" ten rounds later...  Hitting the table and hollering.  Which is exactly what we did last night too.  Then Julie, Cici, and I skipped home in the dark to the sound of crickets.  Summertime is so happy.


Upward and onward,

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  1. I like your piñata- you must have great Bachelorette parties!