Numb tongue packing it up

17 June 2014

Spent the evening driving around in the heavy rain to run errands for my flight out tomorrow.  Bought some face paint for the African kiddies.  And picked up a John Grisham novel because my international travel trips always require such.  Wouldn't be a rightful orphanage sleepover without closing the day with some law drama. 

My buddy kept me company by playing a game I titled "4,000 Questions."  I promised him it would be fun, and that I would give him a star afterwards - A REAL star in the night sky.  So he agreed.  Hours later, he had to coax me to get off my bed and finish packing, promising to hum my favorite country song.  So I did.   

Bribery is serious around here.

Then I finally checked my voicemail from my best friend, Steff.  Called during one of my 78 meetings today.

"Hey Chantel! just calling to chat---oh gall, I just saw my reflection and I look INSANE!  Anyway, give me a call"

Going to Africa in the morning.  Call in 3 weeks.

"What the H---?  Ok, good luck!"

Sometimes I forget to mention things to people.  On that note, just accidentally bit down on my sleeping pill and it's numbing my entire tongue.  Trying to accumulate enough spit to dry swallow always backfires.  Passing out so I can fly across the entire globe.  Must. Steal. Giraffe.

Friends, I'll miss you.  Love you all.

Upward and onward,

Numb little tongue

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  1. Hey Girl! Just found your little spot in the world wide web! So glad I did! I didn't get to talk with you as much as I would have liked on the night we met! Have a blast in Africa, and a little for me (dream travel place) xo

  2. I love this. And you won't see this comment for three weeks. But this is one reason I like you: "Wouldn't be a rightful orphanage sleepover without closing the day with some law drama. "