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22 August 2014

I've been listening to a book on tape the last couple weeks that was recommended to me by my friend Ryan.  It's called Delivering Happiness - the story of Zappos and the dude behind it.  INCREDIBLE BOOK!  When he told me he'd read it over 10 times, I thought it must contain a secret treasure map to Gilligan's Island or something, because I don't think I even read the book Everybody Poops that many times and that has some lifelong information in it.  Anyways, no it's really that good.  IT'S THAT GOOD!

However, I won't be talking about all the goodness, or even give away if there is indeed a hidden map to Gilligan's Island, but I DO want to talk about the audio voices.  Because at different points in the tape, they pull in excerpts of other people's spoken thoughts on the business, and this one lady has a lisp that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!  Truly, I have to pause the CD every time she comes on deck, so I can laugh it out before I resume listening.  But the thing is, I have no idea what she really even talks about it because I'm just waiting in excited anticipation for the next time she says an S.  I mean an Eth. 

And okay, honesty box, I feel like if I had that bad of a lisp, I would be incredibly hypersensitive to every word with an S in it, and I would rework my entire vocabulary to use synonyms.   Por ejemplo:

Lady on the tape:  I work for Zthappoth - a buthineth that thipth thoeth to your houthe.

Me:  I work for a company that will deliver footgear to your home.

Ignore that no one actually uses the word footgear.  But SEE?  I would save that woman's tongue.

Synonymous Solutions.  I mean, thynonymouth tholutionth.

Upward and onward,

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