Opening the airways

06 August 2014

I believe everything in the world emits an energy.

And we are drawn to things that positively synergize with our energy.  And we are repelled by things that throw off our energy.  Things that make us feel free and empowered, versus things that make us feel halted or apathetic.  Sources can be thoughts, people, work, hobbies, even furniture and bathroom soap.  So I calibrate by always pursuing healthy energy, and healthy emotions are always the outcome.

However, when we lack clear purpose or desires, other people and things naturally step in and soak up our energy, leaving us feeling demanded and dissatisfied.  But we always hold the power to re-direct ourselves.

And I strongly don't believe in blame, deflection, and most importantly, defeat, because that means one isn't claiming the responsibility for their own energy, or they're trying to manage their emotions, which is stifling to a human body and will not change the actual source.

Weeeell, the last little couple days, my energy flow has been stuffy.  Mostly from my energy giving exploration down the wrong path and stagnantly cycloning from lack of clear future.  So I tried to unclog with a handful of extremely stale Oreos and a pile of discouragement.  I can't even remember the last time I ate an Oreo, but stuffing myself with creme density that can withstand even carbon dating, I surprisingly did not feel more light and flowy.

So this morning, I set out to more properly open my airways - unafraid to lay down boundary lines, pull plugs, give myself permission to flow in MY choice direction, and resume radiating energy back into the universe for MY desires.  I know what I need and what I want - just have to replant myself sometimes.

First, I selected the sources that give me the most nourishing daily energy flow.  And then I selected a couple things that I want to emit positive energy out into the universe to help bring to fruition.

Behold my Vision / Energy Board that I've printed 2 million copies of to scatter around my house, car, and offices.  

1.  Energy to always live with my Free Spirit.  Don't believe in stifling myself with outside definition.  Emit curiosity and playfulness.
2.  Energy to Running.  My unifier of body, mind, and soul.  Emit empowerment and strength.
3.  Energy to My Savior.  The one relationship that balms, glorifies, and truly understands me.  Emit peace.
4.  Energy to Dancing.  No inhibitions.  Emit confidence.
5.  Energy to someday have a darling little Home & Family.  Emit safety and acceptance.
6.  Energy to someday get my Business off the ground.  Emit ingenuity and intelligence.
7.  Energy to Health Eating.  Emit healthiness and clarity.
8.  Energy to Writing.  Emit my creativity and bravery, and connection with others honesty.
9.  Energy to Mentors.  Emit boldness and compassion.
10.  Energy to find the right Love for me.  Emit vulnerability and affection.

And just like that, I can already feel myself faaaaaar more open and available to the world.  And also more hopeful about the things I desire.

Upward and onward,

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