A whole hand

23 October 2014


I finally cleaned out my inboxes today.  business and personal.  And what started out slow, got going pretty quick.  Hours later, I'd sifted, organized, replied - hundreds of emails down.  And all that is left are the ones to reply to my closest friends - those will be full of grit and heart.

And going so fast - I saw my life in a flood.  It's beautiful.  so full of people that matter very much to me.  and memories that are so powerful and come together to create such a story.  and sometimes the emails were more of a dark beauty - really hard questions, confiding in my closest friends what couldn't be easily understood.

And I don't want to put that black backdrop of healing from my betrayal behind every scene of my life.  But, a lot of all my good is largely because of.  My Sisters.  My closest friends.  My relationship with Christ.  My massively grown heart.  My brave travels around the world. 

Life here on Earth can really bruise someone.  really hurt.  And around us, we feel we can only flash the cards we have polished and glossed.  But when you keep the right people close, you can show your whole hand, anytime you need.  Especially the cards that are most painfully stained.  And they'll hold you so tightly; they'll speak so lovingly.  Every card is meaningful. 

We become nearer.  nearer to each other.  nearer to God.  nearer to all that really matters. And I believe that's all we're expected to do here - take whatever life hands us and get closer together.

Upward and onward,

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  1. "And I believe that's all we're expected to do here - take whatever life hands us and get closer together." I love this so much. It probably needs to be my new life theme. You are wonderful, Chantel!

  2. Beautifully said. There's nothing better than having TRUE friends that we can show our dirty and stained cards to and have them still love us. TRUE friends actually love us more because of the vulnerability and trust we have placed on them. I love the line, "take whatever life hands us and get closer together." Haha, just noticed that Brooke quoted that same line in the comment above.