I like my people

21 October 2014

Having a Best Friend and a Man Friend with red personalities is a benefit. 

Case 1 - Today.

7:33 am

Wake up so that I can think about sleep.
My mind, for some reason, likes to do this every day at this time.  STOP IT.

7:47 am

I roll off my bed and onto the floor.  Trying to reach for my bra, but I'm too tired to roll any farther.  I pause to take a break and do something else for awhile.

Text Leslie from the floor:  Morning! What's the address and phone number of your new parentos?  Ryan's gonna pick up the washer I'm storing at their house and bring it up to me.  Time to sell that thing.

Leslie texts me back immediately with all the information.  Because no doubt she's been up since 5 anyways.  Forward information to Ryan with lots of nonsensical emoticons.  Like a picture of a pig's snout.

8:15 am

By this point, bra is successfully on my body, and now I stand in front of the kitchen window like a zombie.

Leslie:  When do you think Ryan will be by their place to pick it up?

Me:  Not for sure - probably Friday.  He should reply to me soon though.  Japanese flag.

8:25 am

Ryan calls me:  Hey, I'm at Ted's house now, and the washer is loaded up in the back of my truck.  Want the dryer too?

Text Leslie and Ryan:  YOU PEOPLE!

Case 2 - Yesterday.

5:20 pm 

Come out of work and car won't start.  Normal lately because my battery is dying and needs to be replaced.

Call Julie and she agrees to come get me.

While sitting on a bench outside my work, call dad and notify him, because I still believe my father - 400 miles away - is my only solution to car problems.  Buying a car battery and screwing it in myself, or even driving to my mechanic, is sooooooo out of my time frame.  Walking three hours to work every day is a much more practical resolution I believe.

Dad tells me to call Ryan, as he is much closer, and would certainly know what to do.

Yeah, good point.

Take some selfies.

6:00 pm 

Julie and I arrive home, call Ryan. 

Me:  So, you know that thing under the hood of your car that's shaped like a box that gives juice to your car so then it can go?  Well, mine doesn't do that anymore, so I was just thinking that since you live near a store that sells juice boxes for cars and humans in bulk, which I know you have a special cult card for, and I know you were probably going to go at some point in the next year anyways anyways, so if you could just get me a car juice box when you go..... that would be really cool.
(Brian Regan anyone?) 

Ryan:  You're very good at explaining things completely clear--


Ryan:  Yah, so just to repeat back what you plainly said - you want me to go to Costco and get you a car battery?

Me:  Exactly!  Ya know, in the next year or so, whenever is most convenient for you.

Ryan:  Okay, I'll bring one up tomorrow and put it in your car.


Text him a selfie from earlier.

Conclusion:  red personalities do things for you.
and yellow personalities are good at being kitchen zombies.

Upward and onward,


  1. "anyways anyways"

    haha was that a Brian Regan reference?? Cause that's hilarious. As was this whole post. Reds never fail to amaze me. I am baffled at their natural ability to be productive and assertive and all of the things I am not.

    I'm a white. And supposedly whites get along really well with reds, but I find that I struggle with them quite a lot. Maybe because of my close secondary blue? Probably. Anyway, your people do sound awesome. Glad they take care of you :)

  2. I adore you. And your emoticons... Especially the explanation of them.

  3. love love love this post! yellows forever!

  4. This is a favorite post. Man, that japanese flag emoji. MAN.

  5. This one so funny. And so true. Couldn't help chuckling:-) :-) :-)