A simple night for myself

02 December 2014

Tonight I stole some solitudinal time for myself.

First I walked to the temple, just down the campus of my office, and did my favorite work of iniatories.  Worked with a woman who had a permanently deformed neck, and as she talked to me with her head completely cranked sideways, my own neck started to itch horribly in the same spot.  I thought of those movies that are like, "when we go in to see him, whatever you do, don't stare it his unibrow."  And then the scary guy turns around in his chair and all the main character can do is gape wide-eyed at his unibrow.  Stop itching neck.  

I recovered, felt an amazing calm while doing the temple work.  That was my first time doing initiatories in the Salt Lake temple. 

Then I came home and went for a run. Runs are few and far between these days.  It is always well passed dark, which makes me long for my sunshine evening runs.... ah gosh.  So I swaddled up and sprinted down to the city park and began running laps around the mile and a half loop, dodging from lamp post to lamp post, decompressing my mind.  A few laps in, I became aware of the one other runner in the park.  A young fellow, dressed in all black spandex, running in the same spot of the park as I was.  He was running sprints and walking the hills, and I ran steadily.  So we leapfrogged back and forth, back and forth, for many laps.  The park was entirely barren, except for the two of us running close by each other, so we grow to be somewhat of comforting companions.  Though we never spoke, or even acknowledged the other, it was really nice to not be alone.  I told myself that I would just keep running until he went home, and then I'd go home too.  So we kept going and going.  Always passing each other in the sames spots.  I reached mile 8, holding myself firm down a hill.  I reached the spot where he usually passed me, and I turned around to see if he was coming.  He was gone.

Well, that marks the end of my run too then.  So I walk-danced the last part of the loop to a Chris Brown song, which is my signature thing to do when I know no one is around to see.  And then I lollygaged the mile and a half back home, texting Ryan who was still working late.

Now I write in my "unds" on my bedroom floor.  That saying goes way back to grad school when I would blog in my underwear and Leslie would sit in the hallway and laugh with me.  Some things never change I suppose. 

Here's to calming nights.  The same things that make me feel peaceful time and time again.

Upward and onward,

And some happy pictures!!

A cute little house on my run!  CHRISTMAS IS COMING! 

Happy view from my room.  My favorite scripture next to my brothers.  My mangled vision board on the left and my new vision board on the right.  And of course my two house plants that are miraculously STILL ALIVE.  

And a visual for said writing location.  Everything just feels so cozy and right tonight.


  1. Aaaand that makes me feel like I should probably clean my room sometime soon. Ha! You're awesome. I just love you.

  2. I blog in my unds all the time. I actually do a lot of things in my unds, come to think of it...