The swing of our many hearts

28 December 2014

Sometimes the past beats inside like a second heart.  When the pendulum of my emotions needs to swing that way.

But I've been studying acceptance lately.  Accepting the pendulum to swing as it may. 

Then, I breathe in deep and put my primary heart back into focus.  Pulling my pendulum back in place. Allowing my thoughts and actions to become free of all previous fear, insecurity, or withholding.   Reigning from the power of accepting myself as a fresh new person in every moment that I need.  The feeling of total uninhibition and renewal.

Here's to quiet Sunday evenings, making mini collages, and using acceptance to be in control.

Upward and onward,

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  1. "Sometimes the past beats inside of me like a second heart."

    THAT reached out and grabbed me. Here's to vulnerability :)

  2. Oh this is beautiful. A friend was talking to me recently about how they are working with their therapist on rewriting the meaning of past we always assign meaning to things that happen to us, e.g. high school was lousy because i wasn't popular, that breakup was awful because it made me feel worthless, etc. Anyway, her therapist talked about how you can't change the events of your life, but you can change the stories you tell about them. Like you can talk about what a relationship or experience in terms of what it taught you instead of what it took from you, if that makes sense. For some reason this post made me think of that!