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22 February 2015

I started a new project this morning.

My girlfriend Allie gave me a beautiful notebook for Christmas.  All fancy notebooks that become mine through various means, I basically put them in a glass shrine until I think of the perfect theme of thoughts to put inside.  So, "projects" is code for MORE THINGS TO WRITE DOWN.  I'm not sure at what point I should go to therapy for my collection of journals. (A project from last year). 

So my new record-keeping idea....... HABITS.

"The will that yields the first time with some reluctance does so the second time with hesitation, and the third with none at all until presently the habit is adopted."


A breakdown of my habits listed so far:

Everday, my habits include intense interval workouts, meditating with my Headspace subscription, and spiritual studies.  I have a 10 minute minimum for each but generally do 30 minutes.

Habits I am working on developing are 

Replacing negative thoughts and self-talk with happy anchors and affirmations.  This is an excellent book that I recently studied for science and methodology behind this positive mental rewiring.  How the pathway to our stress reactor in the brain is a shorter distance than the pathway to feeling secure and in control.  So we need to work on building the neurons to naturally fire to the further route of the brain, where we will feel sturdy and peaceful instead, leaving us more apt at thinking clearly.  We build this neuron pathway by pinpointing specific positive memories and thoughts to latch onto in negative moments, and this reassures our brain that we got this and we're in control. 

Recognizing when I'm in a dim emotional place that feelings are fleeting and small, and this too shall pass.  This is the most recent book I studied about how to investigate our thoughts for flawed thinking and undue feelings.  It taught me how to more effectively let things go, because up until this book, that concept seemed impossible to me without some sort of distraction (TV, running, friends).  The wisdom from this book that I use all the time is whenever I feel adversely, I turn it into a succinct sentence.  "I feel...."  And then I replace the beginning twice.  "I am willing to feel....."  "I look forward to feeling..."  And it helps keep the emotion small and even see benefit from it.

As I apply these positive habits to my life, I make a note of it in my notebook with the little symbol and the situation. And I'll add more habits as time goes on.

And now, I put on a scarf that matches my habit notebook and head off to church.

Glory days!

Upward and onward,

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  1. I love you! You inspire me. I'm so glad the notebook is being put to an amazing use!