Feeling so right

15 February 2015

Yesterday was the perfect Valentine's Day.  Ryan and I agreed the best we've both ever had.  And it wasn't extravagant.  Actually other than Ryan asking me first thing Saturday morning if I wanted to be his Valentine, we did nothing even representative of the holiday.  No red, no hearts, no giant stuffed animals, not even any bathing in rose pedal ponds.  Earlier in the week, I asked Ryan if instead of adorning each other with gifts, we could just each take a night and plan an activity to do with the other person.

So, it was just a day of us being us on a Saturday.  Simple, carefree, and silly.  And that's why I loved it.  It reiterated that this is just us.  How we always we are, how this relationship always is.  Nothing amped up for a day.  Just another simple day that feels perfectly right together.

So the deets.  In pictures.

Then first thing Saturday morning, we went for an impulsive run.  I mentioned to Ryan that I was headed out really fast, and he offered to join me for a sunny little jog around town.  Our first time running together AND the first run of the year in shorts!  My favorite!  Ryan is a good running buddy, and I liked sneaking glances at him.  And giving him a "good game" slap on the butt.

My brother Trevor was in town, so he hung out on Ryan's couch while we went for a run.  Then when we came home, Ryan made us all breakfast.  Our favorite vegetable bacon egg scramble.  We make it every Saturday.  Except this time, Ryan used elk sausages from the elk he shot several months ago.  Love the hunter man bringing home food! 
While we ate breakfast, we played with the mini bag toss game we won at the arcade the night before.  Because we also love going to the arcade and winning aaaaaaaall the tickets, and then bringing home silly games to play. 
Then we spent an undisclosed number of hours on the couch.  Ryan played Super Mario, while I watched Parenthood. We love to do our own activities, but sitting really close together.  Ha!
 We took a small break from our cozy positions to make banana yogurt!
 I cut up some strawberries and mangoes for topping.  Oh dang, it was SO good!
 And we nestled back into the couch for more Super Mario and Parenthood.
Then we went to a high school in Orem to play some aggressive rounds of tennis.  And when I say aggressive, I mean.... super soft.  We basically just lobbed the ball back and forth, counting loudly each time we took a hit to see how high we could get our rally.  42!!!!  But that was an outlier.... Ha.  I'm not going to say our average.
Our game faces!
 Our court rendered a PERFECT view of the mountains.  PERFECTLY glazed in sun.  I'm so so so obsessed with this man and these mountains. 
 Ryan and I played well into the sunset.  I wanted a picture of that gorgeous sky, so I told Ryan to pose.  He kindly did... HAHA!
Finally after dark came, and the park lights came on, Ryan and I played one final rally, and it was SOOO awesome!  All the hits were super crazy, and we were running back and forth, laughing so hard.  We made it to 11 hits, still laughing so hard.  And then called it good - our energy was clearly shot.  Time for dinner.

I chose The Pizza Factory for dinner.  Another one of our favorites because they have a large plate salad bar for $6.00.  And Ryan and I know how to make salad mountains on limited size plates.  It's SO good.  We reminisced on all the great conversations we've had there and ate ourselves happy.

Then we went back to Ryan's apartment and snuggled up on the couch, finishing the night with more Parenthood.  Everything was so so so right in the world.  As I texted Joelle this morning, "Everything with him always feels so right and secure.  We just sync really really well, oh man, it's good."  And that perfect feeling is still holding.  I really really love this guy. 

Here's to Round 2 of Valentine's Day tomorrow - Ryan's planning this time :)

Upward and onward,

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  1. In case anyone is wondering from our shadows.... No we didn't hold hands while running.