Blended smells of Old Spice and roasted fire

17 February 2015

When I make him laugh, I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. | Drew Barrymore

He came over after he was done fishing for the day.  We both had the day off work.  I spent the day working out, cooking, and reading.  And after being inside all day, my legs were getting cramped, so I skipped up the street in the direction he'd be coming.  Yep, skipped.

Once I skipped onto the main road, I saw his big truck approaching.  He spotted me and grinned, so I waved back.  He flipped around on the busy road and pulled up to the curb to pick me up.  Fishing pole in the backseat, freshly showered, baseball cap on, he was looking and smelling so good.

We drove back to my house and Ryan suggested we roast brats for dinner in the living room fireplace with Julie and Nate.  Ryan set up the fire with wood from our garage, and before long, we all sat in front of the flame roasting our brats on a stick.  Nate brought a pack of old style bottled rootbeer, and his black lab, Brody, sat beside us, begging for a bite of our relished food.  Kersti joined us to share the latest hilarious stories of her little guy Sequoia.  We laughed and laughed, and then planned some upcoming camping trips.

After awhile, we all disbursed to separate rooms to be alone with our One.  Ryan and I made smoothies and curled up on the couch to finish the evening with our current favorite show, Parenthood.  He'd make jokes in the serious moments, and I'd laugh and laugh.  Then he'd playfully scold me for laughing at the sad parts, and I'd laugh more.

Then he tucked me in bed, and we talked for awhile about too much screen time smothering our brains.  We often feel so fatigued from work, so resting with a device seems like the suitable default.  Rest our bodies and our minds with other people's creativity.  But then we agreed that while TV and phone entertainment is satisfying, it doesn't impact us to the depth that other activities do.  It's only sedating, rather than stimulating.  We discussed our childhoods and how self-stimulating we were.  I was very ingenious, making up worlds and characters and writing stories.  And he was very industrial, creating neighborhood businesses and then using the money to buy materials to make sailboats and hunting bows.  We fed our own creativity.

Being well-fed in so many ways from our evening together, we agreed to live more from our talents and less from our tailbones.

And then I fell happily asleep to his remaining blended smell of Old Spice and roasted fire.

Upward and onward,

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  1. I love roasting the bratty little neighbor kids over a fire. :)

  2. What you said about sedation rather than stimulating - YES! I've been thinking a lot about sedation, disconnection, numbing. We all do it in different ways and it feels safe but can be so damaging. Sounds like you guys have meaningful discussions :) how great is that.