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14 March 2015

This week in the land of workdom....

The CFO came to visit for a day.  I loved meeting her.  a HER.  I've never met a female CFO before.  Sure, they're out there by plenty.  But I went to lunch with her and had her tell me her entire career pathway.  She and I shared a lot of the same desires for the accounting pathway. And then I observed her demeanor in our 4 hour meeting.  She was direct, but calm.  Smart, but approachable.  I didn't take my eyes of her and watched her every move. and noted every question she asked.  It was the quickest 4-hour meeting I've ever sat through.

I also had to drive us to lunch, and as she was getting in my car, I quickly grabbed a paper off the ground.  My urine custody form that I had to take for background checks.  Here, lady.  That right there says I own my pee.  

By way of other non-secreting news, this was probably one of the most fulfilling weeks of my career.  I built SO many reports, showing our gross profit on every home sold, and then they were all put into a three inch binder, and then the CFO, President, Vice Presidents, Controller, and other important people, and myself sat around a table for 4 hours and talked about them.  And after this final review, they go on to the Board and our investors.  And I produced them.  Isn't that cool? 

And, listened to lots of podcasts while I work.  LOVED this one.  Realize I've been doing the morning miracle all on my own, as I've been getting up as early as 5 am to workout, meditate, and set my intentions for the day.

Also been walking the streets of Sugarhouse and talking with Rachel a lot.  I LOVE getting to know her and becoming a part of her family.  We've also discussed some really deep principles like order and focus. 

A good week!  Below, a tour of my work, including the CRAZY back hallway.  I seriously feel like I'm tripping each morning I walk up the stairs to my desk....

Upward and onward,


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