An update on another week in the neon-orange office chair

14 March 2015

I finished my second week of work at the new job.

The first week sailed by on this cloud of novelty and awe, breezing between excitement and nerves.  And this week was still comparably bright and eager, as I settled in with some new friends, particularly a girl just older than me who works in marketing.  We spent a lot of time discussing her recent trip to Puerto Rico, breaking down this last season of The Bachelor, and sharing the mayhem of caddy old men at our last jobs, laughing at the irony that the office drama was produced from, in fact, the opposite stereotype expected.  I am actually more shy than I wish to be at this new job, as I mostly just offer friendly conversations in one-on-one settings, and merely observe in the crowds.  I guess that's pretty true to my character actually. All the many sales ladies have taken a liking to me, as well as a motherly lady at the office named Teresa.  Think she'd like it if I indeed called her Mother Teresa?

That's another thing about this job that I find fascinating - the women.  I counted and the total number of women working in our office far exceeds the number of men.  Which I am interested to see how I grow from the feminine professional influence.  To a smaller point, they are are so trendy and primed, and I quite enjoy observing the changes of their look and outfits each day. 

Some other notable pieces from this week:

Monday, my boss asked me to query some information for him right at the end of the day.  After quickly finishing the report, he thanked me for staying late and said that he thinks that I'm really good with pivot tables, so he pushes that part of his work onto me now.  I went home feeling on top of the world that at one aspect of my work, I'm already stronger than my boss.  I had two goals coming into this:  1) prove my value to the company as fast as possible.  2) find a personal bit of each co-worker to connect with.  I'm faring well with both so far.

Tuesday after work, I went to a Body Talk therapy session because I've been having many strained feelings towards my last job.  I walked out with an 80 lb. punching bag.  Sharla's husband kindly loaded it into my trunk, and Sharla hugged me and handed me a bag of pink boxing gloves to help me get out the frustration.  This is good.

Wednesday I wore a cute collared black blouse, and when I went to the bathroom at 5:00 before heading home, I realized the back was entirely sheer, and thus my garment top and bra strap had a full day to make acquaintance with my new office.

Shortly later, after I arrived home, carrying my heels as I walked down the street to my house, the VP who I've been working with everyday on a company project, screeched on his breaks right next to me.  The oddity of his child attending a catholic school right by my house. 

Thursday I was introduced to the CEO before our all-hands meeting, and despite researching all the executives on the internet before I joined this company, I failed to recognize him.  So, I responded, in front of other important people, "Are you a sales rep?"  Good thing he's good-natured and just laughed.  I texted Katie in Indiana to confess that I am basically coming to work naked and insulting the most important people here, SO HOW DO I BREAK THIS CURSE BECAUSE TOMORROW IS FRIDAY THE 13TH???  But Ryan told me not to worry about the CEO and think of it like making a memorable impression, rather than just a dry introduction. 

Later in the day, I sat in the conference room with The President, after James (the stalking VP) and I presented our business plan to him.  He was pleased.  Then he and I remained in the conference room longer after the meeting, as I inquired about the goals and differentiation of this company, and he told me all about his strategy and ways he's leading this company to be the best home-builder in Utah in the next 12 months, sharing all his methods  like "daily focus," "even flow."  I rigorously took notes and felt like I was soaring.  Very inspiring.  And then I realized we were wearing the same shirt - thin-blue-pinstripes. 

And finally, Friday the 13th.  My clothes were opaque, no one followed me home, I didn't insult anyone, and I didn't dress like The President.  Though, due to still being on training crutches, my lack of independence greatly exhausted me.  And I questioned whether I have the stamina and enthusiasm for a whole new career trajectory.  What if it's my due time to become a school librarian and read books aloud to mobs of children, using exaggerated voices for the characters, and turning the pages with suspense?  Because I so loved those librarians and that special reading time in my childhood and it's only a matter of time before I retire my vocation to be one.

Upward and onward,


Working tirelessly on the business plan with James - he left the room for a call.

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