Disneyland get-a-way

01 March 2015

Ryan and I went to Disneyland this weekend with a couple friends.  There is nothing I love more than endless free time with this guy.  So much talking and laughing and time for connection.  And then add the creative capital of the world - bliss!

We had so many incredible conversations while waiting in line for rides and walking around the park.  We talked about our views on humanitarian programs, the Gospel still being the most effective source for behavioral change, feminism, the necessity of extremists, societal movement, how Kersti has given me greater understanding of the latter three.  We talked about the realistic struggles in relationships (stemmed from our stopping place in Parenthood and the problems happening between Joel and Julia).  It was SO satiating for me to discuss how we each believe healthy communication and conflict resolution should go in relationships.  Ryan puts my heart at ease in so many ways.  This led us to talk openly about my really confusing marriage, and how I just don't agree with so much that happened.  I shared while sitting on the floor of the hotel, stretching my legs, watching the storm brew outside as I talked, and Ryan came down to sit in front of me, and then just held me for a really long time.  It feels so good to be on the same page with someone - to see things the same way, agree on so much, and feel so entirely validated.  Then when we got back from the trip, we talked about our view of the government, the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, oppression, true freedom.  And Ryan had me read an article called "The Elders of Israel and the Constitution," and it really spoke to me about the responsibilities of the house of Ephraim, which I've been penpaling about with my grandpa as of late.

Anyway, such a weekend of mental stimulation and understanding the views of each other on such important topics.  I really love this man.  We fit so so so well together.  But I'll say no more for now.  Because it is time for OUR TRIP IN PICTURES!

A shameless and very obvious selfie to begin the day.  Sunshine eyes!

Star Tours.  I'm near certain that during the narration of the ride, C3PO exclaims, "Fart Face!"

Waiting in line for Space Mountain, I told Ryan if he does his hair like that man, then I'll do my hair like that lady.  Us in fifty years!

The whole ride through Space Mountain, Ryan and I had to hold our ugly faces because we couldn't remember where the camera was.  Which meant we laughed so ridiculously hard because we just imagined someone filming us the whole time looking like this.....

I wanted to watch a play at this little saloon, and then I got called on stage to act!!  I had three lines to repeat, only I had to keep making up the third one because the man-lady in pink wouldn't tell it to me again.  Ryan was a dear and took tons of photos.  I had so much fun!!


 Sent to my friend Katie F.!  Because this ride at the Haunted House was entirely dedicated to her.  She said the ride was good for smooching.  We confirm.
By evening, we were getting super goofy.

While waiting to cross into Tomorrowland during a parade down Main Street, Aladdin goes by on a float and I tell Ryan that of all the Disney princes, I'd like to hang out with him (because he is the only one with personality).   Ryan immediately retorts, "you shouldn't say that to your boyfriend!!!!"  Faking to be so offended.  I laughed and laughed!

While on the automobilia ride, we started talking about.... sharting.  Due to Ryan intentionally changing when I said "shirt" to "shart."  But anyway, as we continued driving around the track, to which Ryan said he would give me a prize if I didn't hit the bumper, WHICH I DIDN'T AND I DON"T THINK I EVER GOT A PRIZE, Ryan and I decided the first person to shart in this relationship has to eat a full watermelon in one sitting. 

Day Two!  Leaving the hotel to head to the park.  Another shameless and obvious selfie to start the day.

The swings!!

Ryan and I's faces go well together I do believe.  The tricky line of complementing your partner but not looking like a sibling.

Our Tower of Terror ugly face contest with our friends.  (MY FAVORITE RIDE!!!)  Note the two Russian kids on the middle-right.  You wouldn't be able to tell from their faces here, but they screamed vehemently the entire time.
Tower of Terror round two.  I love this one!  Ryan, haha!  Also, I LOVE the Asian Minnie girl behind me.

We went on the Cars ride, and this little fellow was assigned to ride with us.  He wouldn't come within three feet of me.  Just shyly stood there with his hand down his pants.  HA!  I loved him.  

Note the little guy's face next to me.  He was a tough one to please.  That lady in front needs to share some of her joy.

Waiting in line for California screamin.

Walking home after an awesome day!  Spent the evening relaxing our legs that were sore from walking so much, ha!  HOT TUB TIME!!

To finish the weekend, we met up with my buddy Kenny from college for a nice outside dinner at The Cheesecake factory.  A celebration for new employment!  Done totally right.

Upward and onward,


  1. This sounds like the BEST trip ever. I love that you and Ryan can talk about so much together. Christian and I need to get better at that ha! You're right too, you guys look AMAZING together!

  2. I'm so glad that you confirm the Haunted Mansion as a good place for smooching. Of course, the Cast Members can see you via camera the entire time... Forgot to mention that part. ;)

  3. I'm so glad that you confirm the Haunted Mansion as a good place for smooching. Of course, the Cast Members can see you via camera the entire time... Forgot to mention that part. ;)