Puerto Rico Week | Part 1

06 February 2015

Last week, Ryan's company was having a far away owner's convention.  And since everyone was allowed a plus one on the trip, suddenly I became a lucky travel winner to PUERTO RICO! 

So we packed our bags and left reality for a week.  Um, wow.  Like, THE LIFE.  Laying in the sun, no cares in the world, no list of things to do in the morning, just being with the one you love and doing whatever you want, anytime you want.  It was so so so perfect!  I was so grateful that I got to have such a surreal experience.  Our trip below!


We went to the airport late Friday night and took the red eye, so we'd have an extra day in Puerto Rico.  We watched SharkTank in every spare moment, laughed, and acted silly.

how we felt going to Puerto Rico...
But how we pretended to feel...
And then the phone war began...


We arrived in Puerto Rico and grabbed a cab to our little guest house.  Ryan scheduled us to stay one night here, before we'd continue on to his work convention on Sunday.  So after a day relaxing at our guest house and sitting out on the patio, overlooking the sea, we decided to explore the town after sunset.  We walked down the pitch-black streets into the little town.  We found a little corner restaurant.  Our Spanish wasn't super primed, so we mostly just pointed around at things until some food came to the table.  Each of our plates had a giant yellow mass, and we ate it nonetheless with this heavenly green sauce.  Later we learned that was mashed plaintains and a cilantro and pesto sauce.  Other than garlic seasoning for daysssss, it was extremely delicious.

Our guest house included a club house, though it was several blocks away.  So we trekked over there after dinner, where a wedding party was drinking like there was no tomorrow. They offered us some drinks but we declined and just stuck our feet in the cold hot tub.  Then we explored through the back of the club house and found a path to the boardwalk, so we went and stood beside the ocean for awhile.

 I spilled shampoo on my hat, and then accidentally dyed the towel purple when trying to clean it, so Ryan helped me clean it all up.
 views of our guest house 


Mid-morning, we had to check out of our guest house.  Ryan called our taxi drive, and we went to the club house to wait.  Well, our taxi driver decided last minute to weed his garden or something, so when Ryan called 30 minutes later asking for his ETA, he announced he decided not to come.  Okay cool.  So, Ryan and I picked up our luggage and rolled it down the street, deciding that we needed food first, and then we'd come up with the next plan.

We walked down the busy street until we found the only restaurant that accepted credit cards.  The food was incredible!  More plantain mountains!  We called a new taxi, and as he drove us to other hotel, he told us that we just ate at the most famous restaurant on this part of the island.  Ryan and I looked at each other and grinned.  Spontaneous adventure totally worked out for us!

We arrived at our new hotel, checked in, and hung out by the pools with Ryan's co-workers until Ryan's work had their opening dinner. We spent the convention with Ryan's business partner, Gary, and his wife, Sandy.  I was so obsessed with Sandy.  I thought she was such a classy lady.  Every spare chance we got, Gary would ask if we wanted to hang out with them, and Sandy would say, "No, let them do something on their own if they want."  And I would tell Ryan, "NO I WANT TO HANG OUT WITH SANDY!"

And now pictures!

our view from our bedroom at the resort.  WOW!
at the opening dinner for Valpak
eating dinner by the beach with Gary and Sandy.
love that smile!


Ryan had to get up early and go to his business conferences, so I hung out in my hotel room.  Once the classes were over, I met him for lunch.  Then we hopped on a bus to go hike the rainforest on the other side of island.  Each day the company had activities, and Ryan picked for us to hike the rainforest.  We drove over on a large bus  with a crazy tour guide who told the most theatrical story of Christopher Columbus I've ever heard.

Once at the rainforest, Ryan and I ran around like two little kids.  Touching everything, and climbing on everything.  When we got back, we were starving so we walked down the street to a fancy restaurant called Lola's.  Everything was pink and purple and dusted in glitter.  Sandy and I wished we could have seen Lola herself.

Nora gave me this green shirt days before I left for my trip.  On this day, I kept thinking of this first picture I ever saw of Nora... :)


Ryan had to get up early again to go to business classes, so I did what any person would do with free time in an exotic place - I watched The Bachelor while I worked out in the bedroom.  It was so grand.  After classes, we met for lunch again, and then we were given XL shirts, because when in Puerto Rico, one size fits all!  And we climbed on another bus to do an amazing race in downtown San Juan.  The oldest city in the United States.  Somehow our team ended up with a fair amount of young people, and we were serious about winning because.... PRIZES!  So we ran, EVERYWHERE, and Gary and Sandy kept up super well.  We won by a landslide.  I won't forget running down the streets of San Juan and having a man dressed like a pirate say, "hello darling."

And win we did, by a landslide.  And what did we win later that night in front of the whole company, PUSH PINS DECORATED LIKE BUG MASKS.  Yep.  Running for a couple hours solid was worth it.

After the race, we showered and got ready super fast for the closing night of the Valpak convention.  They bussed us out to the other side of the island to the most beautifully decorated building.  There was a buffet 8 miles long, and a completely separate buffet just for desserts.  It was the most glorious event in the world, and we ate to our hearts content.  Then we roamed around to explore the building.  We found bedrooms downstairs.  Ryan and Gary played pool, and I went to find the 2 girls we ran the race with.  We went to the dance floor and danced with all the crazy drunk people.  On the final song, the DJ gave us the microphone and we sing-felted Journey.  Everyone was drunk so I didn't care.  Then we were bussed home, and everyone was crazy drunk.


 Puerto Week Part 2 next :)

Upward and onward,

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  1. "no cares in the world, no list of things to do in the morning, just being with the one you love and doing whatever you want, anytime you want" sounds like a honeymoon to me ;)

  2. Um, this is seriously the best trip ever!!!! Love that you have such awesome opportunities!!! Love you!