Puerto Rico Week | Part 2

07 February 2015

 view from the resort we stayed at... WHOA!

Our Puerto Rico trip continued...


We hung around the hotel for most of the day.  What is a vacation if you don't lounge ruthlessly for an entire day?  Then later that night, we drove to the other side of the island to go to the Biolumeniscent Bay with Sandy and Gary, which is a unique spot on Earth where organisms live in the water, and when anything disturbs them, they glow.

After stopping at a really fancy hotel to just look around, we arrived at the bay, and sat on the benches by the water and waited, watching kayaks go in and out.  Then it was our turn.  Our tour guide had the deepest voice, and he led us in our kayaks through a little canal with overhanging branches.  It was pitch black and felt like Pirates of the Caribbean.  After about 30 minutes of kayaking, we reached the bay, and our tour guide had us huddle together for a moment, before were allowed to break free, and ride around, and splash through the water.

The water would glow from our paddles as we would glide through it with our oars.  And as we splashed the water on our legs, our skin would sparkle.  Ryan and I steered away from all the other kayakers, to completely undisturbed water, where every stroke of our oars would startle a fish, and we would see a beam of light as the fish would dart away.  Magical really is the best word to describe this experience!

After awhile, our tour guide called us back in, and we kayaked back through the trees, and back to shore.  We changed our clothes and talked about that experience the whole drive home.


Time for a full day at beach!  I went to the gym while Ryan finished up some work.  Then we grabbed some lunch across the street from the hotel and brought it back to eat on the beach.

Afterwards we sat by the pools, and I read my book.  We ordered shrimp cocktail, just to see what it felt like to sit by the pool and order food.  It felt rich.

Later that night, we went to Old San Juan again with Sandy and Gary.  We went to a restaurant with small plates, and ordered a number of different things, just sampling off each of the plates.  I've never eaten at a restaurant like that before, but it was so fun!  Afterwards, we walked the streets of Old San Juan and went in and out of the little shops.   One shop we went to was an art gallery that hosts poetry readings on some evenings.  The gallery featured people's poems, and I took pictures of the ones that felt personal to me.  Gary and Sandy bought gifts for their children, and Ryan and I snuck around behind them acting like children. 


Friday was the ULTIMATE DAY!  The day that the entire vacation would have been worth it solely for this one day.  Ryan, Gary, Sandy, and I went sailing and snorkeling!  I was the only one to have never done this before.  We drove to the sail boat dock and waited with a group of people for our turn.  We gathered all our gear, climbed aboard, and took off into the open water.  We were allowed to sit on the bough of the boat, and it was so liberating to glide over the water so quickly.

After we rode a ways out into the sea, the crew anchored the boat, and we were able to climb down the ladder and into the Ryan.  It took a moment for me to get the hang of snorkeling, but once I did.  I was so mesmorized by swimming around and just looking at nothing but sand on the ocean floor.  After the sand and coral had enchanted me enough, I swam over to where everyone was looking at fish. 

The sail crew had pulled out sandwhich materials for lunch, so we could come in for food and then go back out and snorkel as we pleased.  After Ryan and I had finished snorkeling and were sitting on the sail boat, we started feeding our extra bread to the fish.  Ryan was holding out a large chunk of bread and this little shark looking thing swam up quickly and bit it out of his hand.  The sharky caught his finger a bit, and Ryan's thumbnail was scratched, and he was bleeding a little.  We thought it was so cool!

After awhile, we sailed to a little island and ported for awhile.  Ryan and I went snorkeling around the island reef again.  It was fun to be off together, observing underwater like we were seeing hidden treasures only known by us.  Then we had to come back aboard so we could sail back to the main island.

Sandy and I sat on the bow and talked the whole way.  On the drive home, we spotted as many iguanas as we could in the trees.

That evening, Gary, Sandy, Ryan, and I had our final dinner in Puerto Rico.  We went to a little sushi place next to our hotel and reminisced on all our fun memories the past week.


Saturday was our sad day to pack up and fly home.  We left our luxurious hotel, and Gary drove us to the airport.  Ryan and I had a relaxing flight home, talking and watching movies the whole way.

The most carefree vacation I've ever had.

Don't mind my squinty eye.  I probably had a stroke and didn't know it.

Here's to Ryan and I's next get-a-way!

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Upward and onward,

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