Away for a day - Gone Fishing!

07 April 2015

Ryan purchased a fishing boat last week.  One second he was browsing through them online on my couch, and just a couple evenings later, we were on Utah lake in this swaggy little fishing boat.  We were mostly practicing for the next Titanic remake:


Okay but really, it was like 2 degrees and the wind was ferocious.  I drove the boat while Ryan toyed around with the two motors.

And when he reached over me at the steering wheel, I selfied his butt.

So all week we were way excited to take this boat out and catch some little Nemos.  And since my dad was coming into town for his Indonesian mission reunion this weekend, we invited him to join our adventure, and lo, Saturday was deemed as the ultimate day of fishing.  (Why people don't use "lo" in common conversation, I don't know.  I'll start).  Anyway, our nerves were giddy like Christmas kids.

Our departure time was 8 am sharp.  Which meant I got up at 5 am because Saturday is my Sacred Hours.  After Ryan and my dad arrived at my house, we drove up through Park City to Jordanelle Lake.  We were one of the first people on the lake.  I mostly manned the boat, and they mostly reeled in the fishies.  When things would get really exciting and all the poles would be jostling with either fish or a snag, someone would hand me a different pole and have me reel.  The poles reeled all different ways, so twice, I twisted the handle right off.  Holding the pole in one hand, and the handle in the other, I'd hand them back and go sit at the steering wheel.  Later Ryan kissed my cheek and said he'd let me use just one of his poles from now on so I could reel in just one direction. 

I gotta say, fishing is the best way I've ever known to lose time.  The sun moved all the way around the lake, and we just trolled around not even noticing.  Ryan packed a little cooler of sandwiches and chip and salsa.  The three of us talked a lot and all the hours out on the lake. We caught five fish, and then my dad reeled in this ginormous brown trout.  Biggest fish Ryan and I have ever seen caught.  And when the sun began setting, we finally pulled out the boat and grabbed dinner in Park City.

The next day, Ryan cooked up that brown trout for Sunday lunch, and it was the most delicious fish in all the land. 

And because I'm a sneaky photographer.. mmm.....

Upward and onward,

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  1. Yep it was a great day for fishing! I hope you are an "expert" at reeling now:)))