I swallow the wind through my nose

26 April 2015

A quintessential evening of dancing in my bedroom.  And then turning it into a music video.

(This is what happens when Ryan goes out of town, and I accidentally watch a scary movie by myself - because I didn't know it was going to be so freaky - then I turn up the music real loud to ward off ghosts, murderers, and bears.  Oh my.)

Regardless, my posterity will know bedroom dancing as a sine-qua-non practice.  One to not do wimpily either.  But to grow into the art of hearty, sweaty bedroom dancing.  None of my ancestry left me record.  No engraved gif on a cave helped me understand, but I just as well figured it out.

And then I quite enjoyed waking up some of my friends with this video early early Saturday morning like a Jubilant Alarm Clock:  "HAVE A HAPPY DAY!!!!"

I don't know who posts stuff like this on the internet.  I do.  I guess that answers that question.


Sore neck winning, 


  1. my phone wouldn't load it yesterday-----SO HAPPY you posted this. faceplanting on the bed = winner!
    also, need you to teach me your moves like jagger.

  2. That video made me so happy! LOL I love your silly nature! :) :) :)

    And your hair. Always jealous of your hair.