Miracle Morning

21 April 2015

I LOVE my mornings.

Doing my morning routine has created a daily ritual that leaves me feeling in the top tier of my happiness and focus levels.  Every day - to operate from that level of happiness and focus!

I wake up and immediately work out 20-60 minutes, depending on when I naturally wake up, and I never skimp on effort.  My body craves that time every day, and it has begun to feel so personally sacred.

Then I quickly shower and get ready, pausing at the end of my routine to read my scriptures for 10-20 minutes.  After the rush of washing, blow drying, curling, painting eyeliner, I let everything go still.  Fade away, as I lean against my bed and focus on God.  Lately as I read, I've been letting my mind hold a trailing string to pick up any residual feelings towards missionary work.  I have made a covenant to God to be a part of His Gospel, and with that comes discomfort and times when I have to show courage against the beliefs of the world.  That is harder for me.  I sway towards relativism of personal light, believing everyone will find their way and their truth at the time and way their soul needs.  Spirituality is in so many places if you see with the right eyes!  But people sometimes don't know how to see with those eyes, and God knows He needs His covenant people to actively share His Truth and His Light.  I must find a way to do that because I have covenanted to take this responsibility on myself, so I note how God's prophets of old shared their Truth found in God in a way that is connecting.

Afterwards, I quickly finish preparing my breakfast.  Then I drive to work, admiring the view.  Once at work, I open my Headspace meditation and I do a quick meditation to center myself again.  Then I open a post and do a freewrite for 15 or so minutes.

So, by the time I turn my focus to starting the actual day, I have been bolstered physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  And my veins are pumping with oxytocin, energy, motivation, joy, and love.  Every single morning.

And that's what I call - my Miracle Morning.

Upward and onward,

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