Picture Weekend in Boise

16 May 2015

With my job at Oakwood, we get a BIRTHDAY holiday.  A full day's pay for an extra adventure.  So, like last year, I was going to take another birthday trip to Vegas to see my friends Hannah & Daron.  But due to Hannah's morning sickness with her pregnancy, we decided to postpone my trip until later.  Instead, I drove five hours in the other direction to go home to Boise for my brother-in-law's Master's graduation barbecue.

So, my weekend in pictures!
My favorite roadtrip snack.  I only buy these when I go on trips, which makes it that much more special for me.  Oh yeah, and also every time I force Ryan or Katie to go out to frozen yogurt with me.  Actually, Katie and I's friendship started on a mid-week yogurt run, and now she severely regrets that decision three years ago because she didn't realize that meant EVERY WEEK for me.

Rachel gave me these incredible organization gadgets that caused my life to suddenly make sense. Traveling is one million times easier.

Once arriving at my parent's house, while spending the whole driving having the most AMAZING conversation with Ryan, I went straight to bed.  I woke up on my birthday holiday to an empty house.  Mmm, my favorite!   So I worked out while voxing with Kelli, and it was perfect me time!  Then I went to the mall to find a gift for Matt.  Who shops these days?  NOT ME.  But I walked through Macy's and doused myself in some random perfume that stayed with me for the rest of the day and made it all the better.  I ended up at The Body Shop, and I made this lady rub lotion all over my arms and paint my face with everything I pointed to.  I walked out a smooth, glimmering mess and a gift for my mom.  Then I went next door to some store that I've never heard of, and it had no apparent theme, just interesting crap.  Which is what I would name a store if I ever have one:  Interesting Crap.  And I quite enjoyed looking at things, flipping through Zen coloring books, and then, in the back corner of the store, I found the perfect T-Shirt for Matt!

Then I went back home and after reading on the couch for awhile, Brennan came home from school!!!!!!!!!!!  I love that kid.  He did some homework on the opposite couch, and then it was time for Studio C.  OUR FAVORITE!!!!  We laughed and laughed and laughed, per usual.

Then my parents came home from work, about the same time Trevor arrived, coming from Rexburg!!  We all sat down to dinner.  Afterwards, we watched The Voice, and aside from just being with my family, my favorite part was Walk the Moon performing "Shut Up and Dance With Me."  Holy.  holy. holy.  Katie and I have a thing for that song, seriously talking about it for a whole day, deciding to make a music video with it.  But watching them PERFORM, I loved it so so much.

Afterwards, I retreated to my bedroom and read The Infinite Atonement that I borrowed from a friend in my ward.  SSOOOO good!!  And I still smelled amazing in my cherry sweater.

The next day I worked out and voxed Kelli again.  Then I met up with Chelsea and Emily for lunch, per usual when I go to Boise.  Both of them being in a hard time, we spoke of healing for a long time, and I FINALLY was in a place to emit light and love and so many words of encouragement.  I've been on the other side of that for so so long.  I LOVE this peace and self-assurance in my heart.  We walked from Emily's house to the Boise Co-op and I took a picture of the local artwork on the walls.

Afterwards, I went to Angie's house to help her prepare for the barbecue.  And by that, I asked her if I could eat some food and I sat next to her on the couch and ate cereal while we watched a show called Property Brothers.  Really good!  Then I helped her put stickers and some of her school books and chatted.  It reminded me of the days I'd come to school and a Scholastic Reader book magazine would be on my desk, and I'd meticulously circle all the books I wanted to buy.  Still have all of them!

Then we went to the barbecue.  I showed up in a white peacoat that I just bought at Goodwill with my big gold earrings, and later Matt's mom told me that a whole table of his little girl cousins were like, "WHOOO is sheeee?  Who is that girl?  She's BEAUTIFUL!!"  And Janey told them who I was, and asked if they'd like to meet me.  They all nodded their little heads.  SO CUTE.  So after eating, Janey walked me over and introduced me to all six of these little girls.  Aaaaannd, I can't remember their names now.  But they made me feel like a princess.  Ryan later said, "as they should have."

Later that night, Brennan and I went for a walk around the fields by our house.  We walked right at sunset, and he told me about all the funny things that happen at school.  He told me about a website he and his friends are into called The Strangest Ways to Die.  Brennan and I laughed and laughed as we came up with more ridiculous ways one could die.  Being with him always makes me so happy.

Afterwards, my whole family watched the last Hobbit movie, and then woke up to a breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls from my mom.  Afterward a bit more chatting, everyone had to get ready and leave for church, and I headed back home.  As I drove away, I thought about how much I love my family because of their meek characters.  We're all fairly quiet, keep-to-ourselves, introverted people.  We don't throw huge parties or get togethers when we're all around - we simply just like to sit in the same room and be in each other's company.  Even just reading books silently next to each other on the couch.

And now, back in Utah :)

Upward and onward,

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