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15 May 2015

Last night, I stayed up way too late reading about my energy profile in Dressing Your Truth.  Which, in summary, is basically the pace and rhythm of your energy flow.  And if you dress in synchronicity with that, your natural demeanor will shine even brighter.  Which I fully believe.  I love personality psychology! 

So, there are four types, and everyone resonates a bit with each, but there is one that holds our primary cadence. They make most sense when compared side by side, because they all create a perfect flow together.   

Type 1's create the ideas.  
Type 2's put the plan behind the idea.
Type 3's execute the idea. 
And Type 4's perfect the idea.  

Type 1's are high energy, happy, bright, animated, everything out and about, like lots of things happening at once, can be flaky, doodle little pictures, skin is youthful, happy, freckly.  

Type 2's are subdued, detailed plans, ask lots of questions, take lots of time, reserved, doodles lots of S's and curves and cursive song lyrics.  

Type 3 are action-oriented, executors, on-the-go, focused, determined, get things done fast and well, doodle with angles and sharp edges.  

Type 4's have an energy that is constant, structured, sit up straight and very poised, simple, clean, reflective, can sit still for longest period of time, doodle with straight parallel lines, speak very concisely, often use terms "exactly" and "precisely," strive for perfection.  Take meticulous care of things they care about, all-or-nothing personality.

Watch here for more extensive info. 

As for me?  I am most strongly a Type 4, with a lot of aspects of Type 1 and Type 3.

I'd like to dig into the Type 4 though:

All the types you can see in nature.  For Type 4 - seen in still features, animals of solid black and white color.  Mountains, very still lakes.  Polar bears, pandas.  The above video made me appreciate the other energies SO much!  Seeing how they view they world, images of colors, animals, and nature that they are drawn to, and it's different than mine.  The Creation shows that every energy had its space to manifest.

I like low movement in my space.  Lower energy.  That makes sense because I'm not big into holiday decoration or Halloween costumes - too much energy.

I have an energy that is constant and still.  Poised and still with very little movement.  Regal countenance.

Reflective and thorough with an unerring eye for perfecting things.

Dominant shape in physical features is a straight line.

Move in a direct, straightforward line. In this manner you accomplish many tasks.

Laser-like mental focus.

Quietness and serenity about us that speaks volumes.

Stable and consistent.  People can trust Type 4's easily.

Keen eye that sees clearly what needs to be done to improve, perfect, and streamline things, and make it so others can reproduce it in a cost-effective manner.

Contemplative and seek more knowledge and wisdom.

Pillar of strength and can anchor all those who surround you.

Captivating and mesmerizing and reflect to others an air of sophistication.

Stay on track when you start something; it's important to finish what you start.

LOVED THIS:  "Have a gift of being concise in your communication, and are able to share a lot of information clearly and in a few words.  In short, you are brief but comprehensive."  Haha.  To. a. fault.

"Quiet about our thoughts until you feel clear about your stance. .. You may not always share your keen insight and strong opinions, as it depends on how worthy you feel your listening audience is."  Amen!

"You really have a very soft-hearted disposition.  You reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings reluctantly and only to those whom you trust.  Your feelings are deep and tender.  You easily empathize with others, and have the ability to make very deep commitments."  So intensely true.  SO so true.

"Your thoughts and feelings are deep and reflective.  Your thoughts are far reaching and penetrating.  You are not satisfied with the superficial.  You search for the cause and correlation of things, seeking to understand the laws that effect human life and the principles by which you guide your life.  You are a clear thinker and a thorough and efficient organizer of your thoughts.  It is important for you to mentally organize your thoughts so you can move forward within a framework of structure.  You are not at ease until this state has been achieved.  You take in a lot of information and can quickly figure out what has value to you and what does not."  I don't think I've ever read something more reflective of my inner world.  This is me to a T!

Personal space:  "You like to keep things put away and out of sight, creating empty or negative space with no movement.   You like your space to be clean, clear, and orderly".  YES!!!  So can I just admit now that THIS is why kids scare me a bit.  Can I train my children to have invisible toys and daydreams in their head, like I did, so as never to have clutter?

Doodling:  "You do not have a tendency to doodle - it's too much inefficient movement."  Yep.

Skin and Skin Texture:  "skin is clear and reflective, porcelain quality."  Yep.  Apparently it is my "stillness that expresses as naturally small pores."

Work:  "You thrive the most in a position that allows you to be your own authority."  AH gosh, yes.  "You have a natural tendency to stay on track with your work and to mentally organize yourself in such a way that you do not need an authority watching over you or micromanaging you.  You quickly see what needs to be done and how to do it better than most."  YES YES YES YES!!

Money:  "Thorough before spending, would rather invest, prefer to own less."  YEP.

Social:  didn't resonate with me.  Which is where my sub type 1 comes in.  4's don't readily form connections.  but the 1's do.

Also, my constant need to come back to things and perfect them.  It's always really bothered me that I've been this way because this means I have high standards for everything.  A very high perception of how things could be, leaving me striving for better all the time.  Perfectionist mentality.  Good because I push myself harder than most, but I rest a lot less.  But, this is just my energy :)

Additionally, the type 4 conciseness and simplicity, especially when expressing thoughts.  Ah gosh!  This has been something about me I've prayed about for over a decade!  I wanted to be one of those people that can present and speak with such ease and connection, and thoughts just flow, and I can sell people on things, and be really thorough and engaging.  But I'm really not.  I'm friendly to grocers and bankers, and I get people talking about themselves a lot.  But I don't talk much.  Unless I'm around friends that I'm really close with and I became animated and deep, otherwise, I'm very quiet and concise.  But now I realize, this is just a Type 4.  I'm so grateful for my sub Type 1, because it does create an under layer of bubbly, giggly, chattery person.  But it only comes out when I'm really really comfortable around people. 

Also, I really resonate with the "all or nothing" mentality from type 4's.  Yes, my mind often sways in extremes.  I have to work on keeping things in perspective.

And lastly, I really resonated with the deep thinking qualities of a 4.  I've always known this about myself.  I don't like when I'm submerged in a nice place of thought and people interrupt my thinking with chatter.  

Really interesting!  I loved this book - helped me see myself more clearly and how I fit in with other energies!

Upward and onward,

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