A taste of being Ryan's girl

24 July 2015

I am going to make a space in my life for writing more, particularly about Ryan and all the joy therein.  And okay, if I could pick a favorite emotion - anticipation!  (in my book, that's an emotion, roll with me here).  And there is a bubbling anticipation inside of me because hunting season is coming up,  just after Ryan and I get married (IN LESS THAN 3 WEEKS!!!) and move into our perfectly quaint apartment (:) :) :)  a serious score!!).  I'm feeling the giddy anticipation to marry Ryan, and the joyous anticipation to move into our home, and I'm also SO excitedly anticipatory for the boundless amount of time I'll have to curl up and write about Ryan while he's out hunting for a couple weeks.  (Ryan and I fell in love during hunting season last year.  Distance makes the heart grow wild.)

Anyway, because as I sit on a rock beside a creek this evening, watching Ryan and his brother stand shoulder-to-shoulder, balancing on the logs of a beaver dam, casting their lines upstream to catch us some fish for tinfoil dinners, I think about how these are the magical moments that I want to capture now and bring back to life again when we are older. There are so many with Ryan every day.  And it's been hard for me to create the time and the space of mind to write as much as I would have liked over the last year of us falling in love because I was shifting around professionally so much. But now with the launch of my business and the wedding bells for Ryan and I, I have settled in to a very secure, flexible, and exciting place.  All is so so well for me!   So, it's so important for me to continue to create space for what brings me the most value. And Ryan writing is very important to me. Ryting. And I pledge to myself right now to put out of my mind all the things that dissuade me from writing here or seek to keep my time jammed.  Words, here's my vow to you!

And to begin, today has been perfect!  Ryan made me breakfast, all healthy and green, just the way we like it around here!  Gosh it helps immensely to be with someone who eats the same way as I do.  And then we packed up to spend the day shooting guns with Roger and Naikaya in the middle of Egypt.  Or somewhere in equal distance away.  And I mostly sat under this one lone tree and read an entire book about fertility.  (THE FEMALE BODY!  It's amazing and powerful and so well-understood when one finally gets to the point of sitting under a tree in a desert and putting in the time to learn it).  Then Ryan invited me over to shoot his big fancy gun.  I sat down, aimed for the teeny target over 100 yards away, and nailed that sucker right in the center.  Bam!  Just like that.  Aaaand, I had my face too close to the scope and the kick of the gun rammed me in the eyebrow, and now I got a nice little goose egg :)  After that, I happily took my bullseye and then exempted myself from further shooting.

All day, I have loved watching Ryan.  I have always loved watching Ryan, since the start of our relationship.  He knows how to do everything, and he does it all with such precision and intelligence.  I fell in love with him just watching him.  He does everything spot on, and I have so much respect for this element of exactness he so seamlessly holds.  And then you start talking to him, and his intelligence bounds threw the roof.  I fall weak knee-ed at such smarts.  And then his dry humor pokes through the cracks, and I am. a. goner.  I'm totally Ryan's biggest fan.

And now here we are, in the mountain tops.  The boys are fishing in the streams for our dinner; the bed of Ryan's truck is packed with veggies to make a tin foil dinner buffet, and he's already prepared an appetizer tray of his smoked elk summer sausage, crackers, and cheese.  And after we feast, we are going to snuggle under the stars and snack on s'mores.  Life with this guy is far above par.  So so happy. 

So here's to you and me, baby! I'll give you a kiss later because you are running up from the creek right now waving a fish in your hand. Time for our dinner :)

Upward and onward,

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  1. I love you guys and I LOVE that you are doing this. You will treasure these things so much even just a few years down the road! I'm sure you will both still be crazy about each other, but love definitely changes over time and it's so wonderful to have memories of the sweet and blissful newlywed days. CANT WAIT FOR NEXT SATURDAY! Love you!

  2. Anticipation is definitely an emotion and I'm going to claim it as my favorite too.