To Portland for a Wedding!

06 July 2015

Ryan and I took a trip to Portland last weekend.  

It was scheduled because of my cousin's wedding, but I extended the trip so that Ryan and I could have a few days to stay with my dear friend Christina and her family.  And though the purpose of this trip was indeed the wedding, we took zero pictures of that, but we sure captured many other adventures.  And I'm just going to say right here, while staying in my friend's house with three toddlers, sleep was so so sparse.  So by the time Ryan and I got home, we were so exhausted that never have we needed a vacation from a vacation more than this one.

But, onto our weekend in pictures!

Ry and I at the Portland airport, waiting for Christina's husband and the kiddos to come pick us up.  I am quite the fan of plane rides!  All the reading time my heart desires.

Since we arrived in Portland around dinner time on Thursday, we spent the evening at Christina's house, touring all her fantastic home renovation and design - she is quiet the DIYer and has an eye for decor (she was actually the inspiration behind my first business).  We ate dinner in the backyard, which is like a forest in Portland.  About halfway through dinner, Ryan and I learned the REAL reason we were eating outside.  Because rice in the grass takes much better than rice on the kitchen floor.  No clean-up!  We read the kids a story, tucked them in their little tent, and then stayed up talking with Christina's nightly and heavenly chocolate chip cookies!

The next day, we drove up to Mount St. Helen's and went hiking in the caves.  There was a family friendly lower-cave and a more intermediate upper-cave.  We were on a time crunch due to the sealing that evening, so Ryan and I split to give the upper-cave a shot.  We went as far in as we could until we sensed our time was due and we turned around.  We shimmied our little butts through mud puddles of the cave, climbed over huge mountains of rocks, and we counted how many times the stalactites dripped on us.  Ryan kept telling me it was bat pee.  I won!  (or lost, if we're being technical about NOT wanting bat pee running down the back of your neck).  I love adventuring with this guy!!  We have the best conversations, and he's just fun!

The next morning, Taylor had to go to work and Christina went for a run, so I made breakfast and played with the kiddos.  I fed them fruit loops and fruit for breakfast, and they had to name animals and food the color of the bowls and cups before I would give it to them.  Smart little ones.  Then I galvanized the kids to join me in my daily lower back exercises.  It's like swimming on the ground, and they sure got a kick out of it.

Afterwards, we went yard-selling for awhile, because Christina's neighborhood was having the annual community sale.  It was so fun, and after some dirt bike cables for Ryan and a free ab workout bench for me, Ryan and I decided to give this scene a shot back in Utah! 

Then, we all packed up and headed out to the Oregon Coast!  First we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory and sampled all the cheeses probably more than we were allowed to.  But again, three toddlers.  Then we stopped at the beach and Ryan built a sandcastle with Alvin, and I kept Chloe warm after a nice face plant into the ocean.  Then we went to tour a little lighthouse!  The walk down there was a beautiful little scenic pass, and Ryan and I darted back and forth to the viewing points like we were two kids ourselves. Then we took Alvin with us through the tour.

Then we had to race back home so we could go to my cousin's reception.  It was so fun to hang out with my family and see my mom, Devin, and Brennan.  The three of us, of course, took on our usual role of jokester cousins, telling each other jokes that made us laugh and laugh.  Then we rallied my favorite accomplice cousin Jarae and played a bunch of funny games on the groomsmen and friends, laughing and laughing some more.  Then, due to the insane detail in wedding decor, we stayed several hours after the reception to help clean up.  Ryan was such a STUD about everything!  He worked right alongside the rest of the family in cleaning everything up!

Then we sunk into a few hours of sleep at my uncle's house, and then my family dropped us off at the airport the next morning.

The only picture I got with family - sporting three generations of teal-lovers:

And for good memory, my favorite picture of Jarae and Devin at the wedding reception (during our clean-up hours):

And my travel reading (which I have decided to add at the end of all my travel posts - including my travel posts of the past -because I usually finish a book or two on every trip - my best reading time!!):

****  - the writing and language is INCREDIBLE!  Plot line - meh.

Upward and onward,

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