Building the union with my body

25 July 2015

Today I was able to have my Saturday Morning Miracle Hours.

This is where I keep at least 2-4 hours unencumbered every Saturday morning to spend my time doing what feels my canteen the absolute fullest - working out, writing, meditating, reading.  I take all the amount of time I can get, really.  But 2 hours is the minimum.  And fighting and protecting this little space of mine has become very important. 

And today, I spent all the time working out and just being with my body.  I really believe the body is more powerful and enduring than we think it is.  Moreso than just building my body, I am in love with developing my relationship with it.  I always enjoy pushing it to new extremes and gaining confidence in its capacity and vigor.

This morning, I roll out of bed, still smelling like bonfire smoke from last night's adventure in the forest with Ryan, his brother, and his wife (LOVE them!!), and I go down to our cool basement and complete a work-out video.  I amplify each routine with weights or cardio, and I concentrate on the muscles lifting.  I still feel energy, so I do a complete second video, and amplify the routines with my own twists.  Still feeling more force in my body, I go outside to the backyard stairs that lead to the roof of our garage, and I begin a challenge that I invented for myself awhile back.  I do knee-highs at the base of the stairs for a bit, up the stairs, and then knee-highs at the top for a bit.  I do this five times, which is the distance I feel is my breaking point.  But after five rounds, I feel confident in the endurance of my body, so I complete the full circuit again, concentrating on the muscles at war so they can complete this round.  My body is conquered, but I feel so confident.

I go back inside and Ryan is still fast asleep in the other room.  I love seeing him sleeping there so peacefully, and I feel overwhelmed with love for him, so I write him a note and slip it into the cover of his phone.

Still feeling like I can give more, I go back outside with the sun and the fresh air.  I head off to do another challenge I invented for myself - running up the steep foothills behind my house.  I run as far as I can up the mountain, until my body cries for a stopping point.  Instead of stopping, I pick a place far ahead, equal to the distance I just ran, and tell my body that is the goal.  To complete this challenge, I hone in on the exerting muscles.  Beckoning each one individually.  Right quad - lift.  Left quad - lift.  Right. Left.  I stay present with my muscles until I reach the top.  I bend over panting to let my body release all the pain, slapping my thighs to ease the burn.  Then I lightly run back down the mountain, meditating on the flex of my lower abs to soften the landing on my knees the whole way down. Once the steep hill as flattened to a slow descend, I sprint home.

My body is very satisfied with its hard efforts.  And now I have the endorphin high, and my thoughts are bonkers and fantastic all at the same time.

Two and a half hours later, my Saturday Morning Miracle Hours are complete, and my smokey Ryan just woke up.  It's time for me to shower and then some snuggle time.  :)

Upward and onward,

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