A low-key perfect life

05 August 2015

I watch Ryan from across the desk of our apartment head office.  We have to present five million things to prove our aptitude as responsible and fiscally-sound human beings so we can get the key to our home.  Ryan sits at the admin desk, printing his pay stubs.  I wander over to the gym doors and peer inside.  Next, I snoop in the break room and the lounge area.  Then I come back to the desk and stare at Ryan.  He is so handsome.

Finally, we're in.  We've sold our souls, wallets, and bone marrow, and now we have a house key!!


I've been living in our new place for a few days.  LOVING it!!  I love the bare white walls, everything is so clean clean clean.  I'm all about minimalism, so it's been fun to unpack slowly and put everything away just so, putting the bare minimum on the counter tops to keep that fresh feeling.

And I love the creepy murder sounds from our fridge at night!  OH JOY!

Another HUGE benefit - OUR OWN KITCHEN!!  I loved my four roommates this past summer, such a fun blend of girls.  But man, sharing a little kitchen and one fridge with five women, I got used to such sparse space.  But now, one whole kitchen! 

And in our household, because I can say that now, Ryan and I have a deal.  A handshaken deal.  He cooks, and I do the dishes.  While Ryan cooks, I relax or sit on the counter and talk to him.  And Ryan loves watching MasterChef and Chopped, while he cooks so I always get a creative-looking plate.  Then after we eat together, I do the dishes and Ryan relaxes.  I love the warm water and doing exercises while I wash and put away.  It's perfect!

I'm all about efficient systems - maximizing people towards what they actually care to do, minimizing them away from what they don't.  Then people have a better energy and more gets done at the end of the day.  Ryan and I have the best yin and yang as we've created these "partnership agreements."  Another one we have is he takes care of oil changes, and I take care of gifts for friends' weddings and baby showers.

Anyway, last night, we had our first home cooked meal in our new apartment.  Then we sealed the night by cuddling on the couch, while finishing Saratov Approach and eating chocolate bars.

loving life.

Upward and onward,



  1. That dinner looks sooo good!! I wish he would cook for me;)

  2. I love moving into new homes! It's such a tangible fresh start.

  3. Your life and soulove and philosophy are just so gorgeous.