A newlywed just digging through new and old belongings

28 August 2015

Work was really light for me this week.  This new career step for me involves so much cold calling and networking. And while valuable investments, the work supply won't be offered for some time. So I spent time at home in my other role as domestic creator. And that namely meant digging through all of Ryan's belongings and organizing everything. I am a supreme organizer. Always have been. Please see any one of my long time friends as a reference, namely Joelle or Emily....The best thing I found of Ryan's.... A film camera!  Win.  Evidence that I am married to another child of the 90's. (Okay, well I was a child, Ryan was a pre-teen).

Aside from organizing, I've had such an incredible day scrapbooking. Read so many old journal entries about my relationships, and the disappointments, and why they just weren't working, and what I'd really really really wanted in a man. And sometimes I just just straight up read a post about what I wanted in a fantasy man. And every single time, it matched Ryan exactly. Everything I hoped and dreamed for in all of my ended relationships, Ryan has that missing quality. I miss him. He's out hunting tonight.

Basically I'm just digging through all his new things to me and all my old things to me.

Upward and onward,

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