Healing Thoughts for a Friend

11 August 2015

I have a friend who is going through some tough stuff.  She'll turn to me on occasion for some wisdom and solace.  I'm very grateful for her trust.  Below are some of the thoughts that I have shared with her.  I'm saving them here, because I often look back on my healing thoughts in order to strengthen myself.


I used to keep this sign in my kitchen that said:  Begin.  That's all you have to do in this time.  Begin the day.  Success!  Begin a moment.  Success!  Begin a breath.  Success.  Just begin any little moment, and you will ground yourself. 


Another truth of mine I discovered in my healing journey  Our minds have levels of consciousness.  Our ego-level mind, which is the mind of human nature, of limitations, of smallness, short-range, selfish, discouraged and hopeless, overwhelmed.  Living from this mind makes us feel as though we are walking in dim corridors.  And on the other end of the gradient - our celestial-level mind.  Our soul vibes, our Spirit, grand perspectives, light and hope, most noble behaviors and brightest attitudes, pure mind, clarity.  Living from this mind is like standing on a mountain top, triumphant.

We flow back and forth between these realms of consciously daily, striving to exist in the celestial-mind, continually expanding our ability to get there.  But inevitably we will fall back into ego-mind.  We climb, we slip, we climb, we slip.  And in moments of healing, we fall, plummet.  The climb steepens immensely.  The ego mind is powerful and all-encompassing.  Much harder, seemingly impossible to grasp the celestial-mind. 

So pray for an experience of celestial mind today.  Observe it, experience it, meditate in it, write it down.  That is your grasping point.  Ego-mind tries to speak for your whole reality.  But that little moment of celestial-mind is the truer reality. We must focus on those.

Upward and onward,

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