My respect for Ryan

30 August 2015

Ryan came home from hunting today.  Walked in the door in full camo, carrying a big cooler of deer meat from the buck he shot last night.  He looked ssoooooo good.  I felt so twitterpated because I hadn't seen him in a few days and in he walks, looking SO manly.  I followed him around right at his heels.

As we worked together to put away the deer meat, then went outside to get the deer head and letting a neighbor throw mad respect at Ryan for how talented he is with a bow, we then came back inside to prepare dinner and have a meal together.  I loved looking to the right and seeing Ryan's bow and other hunting stuff scattered around, and I loved looking to the left and seeing my scrapbooking and journaling materials scattered around - our apartment was also SUPER organized from all the cleaning out and hours of work I did putting everything away.  As Ryan told me all about his hunting experience, I thought about how we are both so good at what we love.  And I really like that.  I'm REALLY good at organizing and journaling.  He's REALLY good at hunting and fishing.

As we ate, I loved hearing about how hunting fulfills Ryan and how he hold such respect for the animals he's hunting.  He knows all about them and is so fascinated by them.  His favorite animal being an elk.

Then I started thinking about how I love his competencies.  I truly feel so much respect for Ryan because of the security I feel with him.  I trust his intellect and ability to convert that into an income to provide.  I love how he has such strong hobbies and his passions.  I trust his love and consistent support, and I trust that he'll always be there for me and never disappear in mind or emotion.  I just trust him and feel so secure with him.


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