Writing from the honeymoon: such peaceful love

20 August 2015

Today has been the most perfect day.

This honeymoon.

I never want it to end.  It's so perfect perfect perfect.

Ryan sleeps right next to me after the most relaxing day.  Beaches, buffets, sand, ocean, couples massage, spa, sauna, polar plunge, sauna again, walk in Jamaica, and of course holding hands and hugging and kissing through it all.  I love Ryan.  This guy - ah gosh.  He has a heart of gold.  His character and morals are of the upmost I've ever known.  A mind that is so full of thought and clarity and intellect.  And he's sooooo loving.  He just adores me.  And I adore him.

And here I sit, in the dark of our resort room, hair still wet from the sauna, Ryan sleeping just to my left, and his breathing is so relaxing to me.  This resort came with a king size bed - three pillows across - and yet every morning, Ryan and I awake sharing the same pillow and a tiny sliver of the bed.  I think we would have done just fine with a twin, ha!

Anyway, I am happy right now.  So SO SO happy.

I just finished watching my friend Ashley's new YouTube video.  And I am SO blessed to have good souls like hers to fill my world.

And now, I am going to rest my head on Ryan's deep-breathing chest and relax with him until dinner date tonight!


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