A snuggly upcoming weekend

25 September 2015

This week has been a busy one for me.  
That's what happens when you take off for an unexpected half week in Alaska. 
Evenings were full of quite rejuvenation at home with Ryan.  Taking turns cooking dinner, watching Master Chef Junior while we eat on TV trays - ha! classic newlywed status - while I sigh every four minutes, "awww they are so cute!"  That show is slaying my insides over the brilliant and hilarious child souls.  
I've also been reading a book from my friend Brooke.  Reading alllll the time.  Coming home at lunch so I can lay on my living room floor and read while I eat.  Sitting on the countertop while I stir our veggies in the saute pan.  And in bed after Ryan is fast asleep.  I've been working out in the mornings, per usual, and LOVING it! 

And last but not least, I began a new meditation series.  I plugged in my sun light this morning and sat in front of it cross-legged and did my hypnosis for deep self-love.  It's amazing!

Some resonating quotes for me lately:

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