A Tuesday night married to Ryan

08 September 2015

I just finished a long day of work.  My Tuesdays start with a 7:30 am meeting.  So at the close of the day, I was headed to the grocery store, but after waiting in traffic forever, I decided TOO TIRED, so I flipped a u-turn and came through the back roads to our apartment. I entered our home, only to find....

an unexpected note from Ryan.

He had come home from work early, cleaned the house, and had already gone out for groceries, saying he was going to cook me a nice meal tonight.


Relief.  I can't remember the last time I felt SO relieved and so taken care of.  And he didn't even know I was rushing back from work to grab us some groceries.  He just wanted to take care of me.

SO amazing!!


Then I wandered around our apartment and basked in how clean everything was.

Last night, Ryan and I were sorting through things to decide what to keep, and I pulled this dolphin out of the "keep" pile and asked several times, "are you sure about this?  are you sure?"  And each time, Ryan confidently said, "Yes, I am going to put that dolphin right on our bed.  everyday."

Haha! Yep.  There he is.  Right on the bed, just as Ryan said.  HAHA!  So I texted Ryan this picture and laughed.

Then Ryan came home and filled our countertop with fresh produce and begins cooking.  I sit on the counter near him and we talk about our days / catch up on our TV show.  Bachelor in Paradise.  That show is a super perfect weeknight date.

Ryan cooked the BEST Cajun Tilapia I've ever had, complete with pineapple salsa that Ryan made.  Sheesh!!  And dragonfruit.  Just for fun!

Then we finished Bachelor in Paradise and snuggled on the couch.  I laugh so much at Ryan's comments about the show.  Love hanging out with this guy!

After dinner and our show, I did all the dishes, and then we climbed in the hot tub.

ahhh dang.

Ryan is the husband of the century.  This life with him is such a happy life.

Upward and onward,

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  1. That is sooo sweet!!! And boy did that dinner look yummy! I need the recipe:)