Any regular day

07 September 2015

This picture is now the one thing that hangs on our living room wall.  Secured by just a little thumb tack.

It represents so much.  Such uplifting hope!

And now a memory of a special moment in my marriage.

I had just returned from the bedroom, telling Ryan I would be right back.  Because I wanted to go say a prayer out loud for a moment; I had a lot on my mind that day.  And when I came back to the living, Ryan was still kneeling on the ground, sorting through some of his old belongings.  I had created a pile of items for us to clean out a few days ago.  I sat down next to him and started looking through some of his old things, just for curiosity's sake.  Then Ryan pulled out a big bundle of spiritual pictures that he bought long ago to hang around his apartments on his mission.  We began looking through them together.  Ryan pulled out a large copy of a blue cloudy image of Christ descending amidst infinite angels, and he paused with the picture in his hand.

I heard Ryan sniff.

I leaned forward and peered under the brim of his hat at his eyes.  He looked at me and smiled.  I smiled in return and leaned back.

Then he sniffed again.

I again leaned forward and looked under the brim of his hat.  This time I could see his misty eyes, so I just stared at him.  After a pause he said, "I'm not sure why this picture is making me so emotional."

I let the silence remain and said nothing.

Ryan resumed, "It's just that...."  Then he paused and came over to me, kneeling right in front of me where I was sitting cross-legged on the floor.  He wrapped his arms around me.  "It's just that Christ was so abused while He was here on Earth.  Even people who believe in Him are sometimes abused for it.  But when He comes it will all become so real.  He will no longer have to take the abuse. He will come in great power and glory. And it's just going to happen on any regular old day.  It will just feel so good to finally have Him here."  I had wrapped my arms around his waist; my own eyes watering now.  And we stayed like that for a long time, just thinking about the 2nd Coming and feeling the Spirit that was so strong in the room.

I love all the times Ryan has shared his spiritual beliefs with me.  But I especially loved this moment, because nothing brings me more joy, peace, hope, or security than believing in our Savior.  And sharing that belief and Spirit with Ryan felt SO powerful to me.

So now that picture hangs as a reminder of Ryan's words.  "It's just going to happen on any regular old day."

Upward and onward,

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