Jamaican Honeymooners

24 August 2015

Ryan and I honeymooned in Jamaica.

We really enjoyed our time together for the week.  It was so relaxing, fun, and connecting.  We flew out the day after our wedding, after staying the night at Home 2 Suites, one of Ryan's marketing clients, and a location that is dear to our hearts because we may or may not have snuck into their hot tub and pool while we were dating.

Here are two posts that I wrote while on our honeymoon- here and here.

While in Jamaica, we spent most of our time lounging at the beach, by the pool, or sitting in one of the buffets and sampling ALL the food.  Our favorite duplicitous item being the classic Jamaican Jerk Chicken.  Other than Bob Marley and Cool Runnings, Jerk Chicken is how Jamaica makes itself known.  Allow Ryan to demonstrate for you:

So beyond the food, I really loved the poolside entertainment.  It was a group of young adults who would dance.  i LOVE WATCHING DANCING!!  That was my first time seeing the nae-nae, and I thought it was a Jamaican thing until I came back to the states and Americans were in on it too!  I also loved when the entertainment would make the kids do these little games - SO cute!  Ryan and I would swim up to the bar and get coconut cream banana shakes and watch this spectacle every day.

Other honeymoon highlights:

Walking around the resort with Ryan.  It was so so gorgeous.  We talk about anything and everything.  Love conversations with Ryan because they spark my intellect, and I LOVE that feeling of intelligence.  I tell Ryan that I love the idea of always being with him because I love his mind.  I find him so intellectually stimulating.  The way he thinks, how thorough he is in his thoughts. how he presents them.  He's so interesting to talk to, and I trust his mind and love asking his advice, having him talk through things with me.  He always helps plant me back to reality and understand things better.

Sitting on the bed, talking just like two best friends. Ryan gets up to use the bathroom and points back at me - "you're so gorgeous." I'm in sweats with little makeup and braided hair. "Really baby?" And he comes up behind me at the edge of the bed and wraps his arms around my neck and shoulders. We stay like that for awhile talking some more.
Coming back from dinner and we are commenting on how neither of us can remember our small offenses or what we've apologized about in the past. We laugh about what easy forgivers and forgetters we are.

Love learning new things about Ryan. He loves deviled eggs. Loves waking up with really long hot showers.  He'd rather sit down in a hot shower to wake up then press snooze.

Loved looking through my IG one night and talking about when we were very first getting to know each other.  It's so fun to remember those shy little crushes.

Ryan tells me how comfortable he is with me. He tells me it is because of how accepting and loving I am and that makes me feel really good.

Going to the gym most every morning together.  My favorite way to wake up, and I loved having Ryan in there with me!

Getting a couples massage - amazing! Holding hands in our white robes, following the lady down the dark hallways.  Then later going back to the spa to take advantage of the huge hot tub.  They had several pools of water in varying degrees, so we did a "polar plunge" twice - dunking ourselves in the FREEZING pool, and then running for the moderately warm one.  This old guy was laughing at us.

Going on an excursion the last day.  Doing the popular Dunns River Falls hike and then going to a dolphin resort.  Holding the sting rays, walking right by the sharks, and playing with a dolphin.  SO fun!  Loved how exhausted we were coming back to the resort, so we ate a really good meal and then snuggled up to some television.

Going to one of the resort evening shows where they performed dances with popular songs.  They did this full Beyonce mash-up that was INCREDIBLE!! I loved watching Ryan bob his head to the beat.  Ah I love watching him dance.  I told him we have to go dancing once a year in our marriage.  He agreed.

One night, we had a conversation where Ryan told me how much he's learned from me about accepting other people and understanding emotions. It feels so safe to love someone who sees SO much light and goodness in me, often more than I see in myself.  I can always rest there and know I will be bolstered up.  Ryan is so full of love and goodness.  He has such a strong heart.  It's especially amazing to be with someone where I can openly share my emotions, and he immediately is so loving and supportive.  

Here's to a million more memories and a lifetime together.

Upward and onward,

Nevermind that most of our honeymoon pictures happened on one day and they're basically all the same.  This offers two clues: we were more obsessed with ourselves than anything else.  Taking pictures was not top priority, except on one day when we overcompensated for memory's sake.

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