Settling myself into my new life

15 September 2015

Ryan's been out of town the last couple of weekends for hunting season, and then last week for an Alaska salmon fishing trip.  All have been in the works for a long time, and Ryan's been so excited to go.  And me?  I have LOOOVED the alone time.

I've been cleaning out and putting together our new home.  I really enjoy constructing a home that evokes feelings of peace, solitude, safety, joy.  A form of female psychologization that no one in the household realizes the woman is consciously providing for the inhabitants.  But it's a woman's witchcraft to build such a place.  A talent.  And as I organized our home, I built little spaces of meditation in each room.  Perhaps it would be wise to have a space of small moments in every room of the house. Like a reminder to stop and worship upon walking through any doorway, and then one can proceed with tasks and cares.  I created one in my closet for writing.  That space is intimate and safe and will help me think very openly.  I created one in my laundry room. This space represents doer, domestic builder, and while the mom is often the most demanded entity in a home, I can also pause here to feel the joy and fulfillment I find in this role.  And of course, the bathroom meditation on the toilet.

I've been going to the temple every Friday.  One week, Sharla and I went together.  The temple is such a powerful place for me.  Especially because in the first few weeks of our marriage, I experienced some anxiety related to all the shifting and adjusting, and I experienced some of my past trauma surfacing.  I looked forward to going to the temple every Friday, knowing I would get to experience that pure peace.  I LOVE it.  One night, I came out to mints and chocolates on my car with a nice note that thanked me for serving that night.


I went to Kami's beautiful new house to watch her film a class on living Cleansing Your Life, and then I went back to her house a few nights later to watch her four kids for an evening.  It was SOO much fun for me - I loved all their little personalities, and then analyzing them with Kami and Travis when they got home from their date.  I also read The Mood Cure while I was at her house and haven't stopped thinking about it since.

While Ryan was in Alaska, I went to his extended family reunion by myself, and everyone was way impressed that I would come solo.  Then I went to family dinner at his aunt and uncles and cousin's house the next day.

I painted my nails, which rarely happens so it was worthy of note.

I went for several walks in the sun and called my friends to talk on the phone.  (you, Kelli!!  And you, Allie!!  Love you gals!).  I was telling Kelli about my success in organizing Ryan and I's little apartment, and she agreed with my skill, so we decided I will fly out there sometime to organize her belongings!  Love that idea!!

I read the book Your Money or Your life THREE times.  I loved it!  And on my walks, I created a little financial seminar to present to people.

On my walks, I also took pictures of the beautiful homes in our new neighborhood.  Okay, one picture.   

I have been SO happy lately.  It is a good life.

Upward and onward,

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